MHSC: Jordanian winger Mousa Tamari likely seriously injured during Asian Cup final

MHSC: Jordanian winger Mousa Tamari likely seriously injured during Asian Cup final

Mousa Tamari (ici face au TFC) doit passer des examens à son retour à Montpellier. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

The Montpellier striker was injured in a shoulder during the Asian Cup final with Jordan on Saturday February 10. A serious injury is feared but no definitive diagnosis has yet been made. 

Montpellier didn't need that. As he slowly but surely slides towards the red zone, the MHSC may not be able to immediately count on his winger Mousa Tamari, probably the victim of a serious injury at the Asian Cup. Nations. 

The information, revealed by France Bleu Hérault and which we are able to confirm, indicates a shoulder problem. This would have been affected during a fall at the end of the match, during the final of the Asian Cup played and lost with Jordan against Qatar (3-1), Saturday in Doha. 

Mousa Tamari, who had largely grimaced but held his place, is expected on Wednesday at the Grammont training center. There, the examinations will specify the severity of the injury and the duration of the unavailability. 

He's been on fire for a month at the Asian Cup

In the event that the very probable absence of the twirling winger is confirmed, it would be a very bad time for the MHSC. Beaten on Sunday by Lyon (1-2) at La Mosson, and now first non-relegation tied with the play-off Lorient, the Hérault club is struggling with a lack of realism which is costly. As such, he impatiently awaited the return of the Jordanian. 

Especially since it has been blazing for a month in the Gulf. After a decline in November-December at club level, Tamari delivered a first-rate Asian Cup. Starting in each of his selection's six matches, he scored three goals, including a sumptuous one against South Korea (2-0) in the semi-final, and delivered an assist.

A dynamic from which the MHSC may not benefit immediately while a crucial meeting for survival in L1 will be played against Metz (17th), Sunday at La Mosson.& nbsp;

Axel Guéguin towards a long absence

As bad news never comes alone, young winger Axel Guéguin learned this Monday that he was suffering from a ' rupture of the cruciate ligament anterior" on one knee. The player announced it. himself on Instagram. "I will therefore be éaparté pitches for several months,” wrote the 18-year-old striker, less than a month after having had his first tenure with the MHSC in Ligue 1, on the Brest pitch (2-0), January 14.

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