MHSC: Khazri on departure ? An exit voucher for Chotard ? Delort back ? Montpellier is already preparing for next season

MHSC: Khazri on departure ? An exit voucher for Chotard ? Delort back ? Montpellier is already preparing for next season

Beaucoup de questions pour le prochain mercato. – Montage G.Italiano, R.De Hullessen, J-M.Mart.

Almost assured of maintenance before its trip this Friday to Toulouse (7 p.m.), the Hérault club has set a defensive midfielder as its recruitment priority.

Montpellier has lifted the sporting unknown, but others remain to adjust its future squad. President Laurent Nicollin continues to cushion the effects of the Mediapro crisis and navigates the uncertainty of TV rights, the amount still unknown for the next five seasons (2024-29). And the old La Mosson stadium, with its average attendance, cannot help compensate.

He is preparing to juggle a tight budget, a workforce under contract and the desire to restore long-term sporting serenity. State of play of a squad three days from the end in almost freewheeling and before the short trip this Friday to Toulouse.

Two hot topics

A question burns on your lips. Can striker Andy Delort (32) return three years after his controversial transfer to Nice to strengthen a struggling attack??
The Montpellier president and his former emblematic center forward had lunch together, in the company of sports director Bruno Carotti, on April 15.
"He wanted us to meet, we met. The discussion went well. He knows what is possible. He knows the parameters: maintenance, the departure of certain players and TV rights. I don't guarantee that I can take him, explains Laurent Nicollin, who was ready to reinstate him in the last transfer window.

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"There are 98% players under contract. We will take one or two players, we have targeted a position as a priority", reveals the Montpellier boss. All players agree on the recruitment of a defensive midfielder, with a profile close to that of ex-Montpellier Ellyes Skhiri. An athletic, powerful, disciplined player.

The debate around defensive midfielders, an old sea serpent, resurfaces when Joris Chotard aroused the interest of German clubs this winter and completed a great season.

Solicited last summer, approached this winter, the ex-international Espoir (22 years old), with 148 matches in Ligue 1, can condition his future on his participation in the Olympic Games in Paris . "There was an approach from a club, but it was out of the question for me to leave this winter. Obviously, there will be certain choices to make this summer or the following summer, he testified at the end of the winter.

End of contract

Two players are free at the end of the season: Swiss full-back Silvan Hefti and striker Yann Karamoh, on loan from Genoa and Torino respectively. The second (25 years old), with undeniable talent (1 goal), is not leaving to stay in Montpellier.

And nine players are linked until June 2025. Nordin, Khazri, Sylla, Tchato, Jullien, Delaye, Leroy, Sainte-Luce, Bertaud, with barely comparable statuses, do not meet the same expectations.

Nordin, who did not prolong, seduces. "We see when he is there and when he is not there" , summarizes Der Zak. As for Khazri, he questions. "We are always disappointed when a leader and a big salary does not respond", we judge.

Christopher Jullien (31) had expressed his desire to leave for the winter transfer window before changing his mind. After a season in the shadow of Omeragic, the former Toulouse player displays insufficient playing time (10 starts), but an appreciated state of mind. Bécir Omeragic (22 years old), a real revelation, enjoys Montpellier. "I feel very good here", he assured last week.
Montpellier is ready to leave with these same four central defenders, at a level not so far from each other.

Excess full-backs

Montpellier stacks the sides. On the right and on the left, there are three of them. On the left, the young Lucas Mincarelli (20 years old) shakes things up a bit. The former Istres player, who has just signed his first professional contract, is unanimous. And meets the expectations of Der Zak.

Sylla, in his best form as last spring or after the CAN, is a reliable, even indisputable, full-back. Consequence: Théo Sainte-Luce (25 years old, 6 matches), considered fragile, should be loaned or transferred.

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On the right, Tchato advances. Empowered by his selection to the CAN, the Cameroonian international gains playing time and above all the confidence of Der Zak. More aggressive defensively, more influential offensively.

As Sacko, keen to leave this winter, is under contract until 2026, everything remains undecided for Silvan Hefti. The Swiss full-back pleases, but his future is conditional on the Malian. Sign of retouching carried out on a wire.

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