MHSC-PSG: “I’m a little afraid of Mbappé’s departure”, Benjamin Lecomte’s fears for Ligue 1

MHSC-PSG: “I’m a little afraid of Mbappé’s departure”, Benjamin Lecomte’s fears for Ligue 1

Lecomte redoute “un effet domino pour les jeunes en L1”. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Outre la perte sportive liée au départ de Kylian Mbappé du PSG en fin de saison, le portier pailladin craint les répercussions pour le championnat de France alors que le club parisien affronte le MHSC à la Mosson, dimanche.

It’s a voice that has rarely been heard among Ligue 1 players. When commenting on the announced departure of Kylian Mbappé at the end of the season, most regretted the loss of a immense talent. "There is no debate", agrees Benjamin Lecomte. But the MHSC doorman goes further.

"I'm a little scared, he confides. We had Neymar and Messi, there Mbappé. In media terms, attraction, be careful!", warned the thirty-year-old.

"If TV rights do not reach the level that the League hopes for, the championship and all the clubs will be impacted. This can lead to salary problems, a domino effect for young people, he fears. And I want them to continue playing in beautiful stadiums, in beautiful atmospheres, with great players. I don't want this to become an extinct championship."

Penalties stopped against Mbappé: "I don’t care!"

Last year, on February 1, the duel between Lecomte and Mbappé electrified La Mosson, the Pailladin goalkeeper repelling two penalties from the striker. "But we lost 1-3, so I don’t care!, he brushes off. The ultimate goal is to win."

A victory against PSG, Lecomte experienced it in 2019 (3-2). And don’t despair of signing a new one on Sunday. "Let's go, we'll come up with something. An extra soul, the stadium with you, we will have to give."

If Paris slips, with three consecutive draws in L1, the MHSC must score. A sector in which he is struggling, like Akor Adams, silent in the championship since October 29. "One thing is certain, he has a great mentality and works a lot. And maybe against Paris, we'll win 1-0 and he'll be the one to score."

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