MHSC – Strasbourg: Results, new owner, supporters, Racing under pressure before facing the MHSC

MHSC - Strasbourg: Results, new owner, supporters, Racing under pressure before facing the MHSC

Bakwa seul ailier disponible dans l’effectif strasbourgeois. MAXPPP – Thierry LARRET

Racheté l’été dernier, Strasbourg n’a plus gagné depuis décembre en L1. La grogne monte.

An opponent who has not won in Ligue 1 in 2024, angry supporters, a change of system… hellip; If there had not been a change of coach, we could compare Strasbourg and Marseille.

We know what happened last Sunday against this OM in difficulty… The difference is that Strasbourg is not undefeated away from home (2 wins, 4 draws, and 5 losses) and they are even eliminated in the Coupe de France in Lyon on Tuesday (0- 0, 4-3 tab).

The supporters are angry

This bad dynamic put the Alsatians back in the fight for survival when we thought they were going to remain calm after a positive end to 2023 (1 defeat in 8 matches) . « We missed our two home games (1-3 against Lorient, 0-3 against Brest) aith the manner that was not there, did not hide Patrick Vieira, the RCSA coach, in the pre-conference match.

This bad patch has angered supporters, already upset by the sale of the club to the consortium of investors BlueCo, owner of Chelsea, last summer. « We need them, they must not get into the wrong fight », argued the coach strasbougeois.

The former midfielder of the Blues is looking for solutions in all sectors of the game since the defense is less solid since the departure of goalkeeper Matz Sels in the transfer window and the attack is less prolific.

Patrick Vieira seeks « the right balance »

« You have to find the right balance to win matches, explained the Strasbourg technician who changed his team to 5-4-1 in Lyon in the Coupe de France on Tuesday. I'm not sure I'll stay in this system, it was due to injuries and poor form. »

If his team has not conceded a goal against OL, while it remains in 12 consecutive L1 matches without a “clean sheet” , she appeared to be not very dangerous. « We knew how to stay in place, disciplined, rigorous, and combative. » « There should have been more players in the area » and « overruns of functions », analyzed Patrick Vieira.

Deprived of Angelo (pubs), Sylla (thigh), Sebas (knee), Sahi (recovery), Mothiba (knee) and Fila (knee), he only has ;a winger in his squad, Bakwa. What can be further review of the game diagram…

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