Michel Cigielski draws an initial assessment of the urban cultures festival in Bagnols

Michel Cigielski draws an initial assessment of the urban cultures festival in Bagnols

Grand show de clôture du festival ce dimanche 14 avril 2024. MIDI LIBRE

The deputy for culture Michel Cigielski draws the first lessons from the 2024 edition. The elected delegate for the promotion of cultural arts says he already has ideas for next season.

Deputy for Culture, Michel Cegielski can smile. The second edition of the Cub was a success with large crowds and loud applause. Hats off also to the LNB Studio dance school which organized this event. The Bagnols-sur-Cèze urban cultures festival lowered the curtain after a final big show by the artists  and a multicultural room where a large audience was seated. This is the case of this father who says he liked the show.

"I'm delighted"

The festival started with an exhibition at the media library. Last week there was skateboarding. Saturday evening it was Moba who took the torch by offering her stage to two rappers."I'm delighted because last year, I had expressed the wish for culture to take to the streets, I am pleasantly surprised that it worked " continues Michel Cegielski. "We had more spectators from far away". There were people from Montpellier and Marseillais, notably" rejoiced the elected official.

"A festival that must anchor"

The Bagnolais public also seems to have taken pleasure in these dances that the artists perform without imposed figures. The people are dancing to the tempo of the music. Michel Cegielski says he is "very satisfied with this event which brought people together. Plus it ends well&quot ;. The Deputy for Culture now hopes "that this festival of urban cultures will anchor itself in the cultural programming of the year".

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