Michelin Guide: will Montpellier restaurants receive a star and be awarded this year ?

Michelin Guide: will Montpellier restaurants receive a star and be awarded this year ?

Un palmarès très prisé. Illustration Kevin Petit/Pixabay

The famous Guide with its red cover awards stars each year to restaurants that promote gastronomy in our country. Montpellier, which has five restaurants on the prestigious list, will it see a new star on its list ?

The major Michelin Guide ceremony which awards prestigious stars each year to reward gourmet restaurants and those elevated to the rank of best culinary establishments takes place this Monday, March 18 around 4:30 p.m.

This year, 62 establishments will be promoted, announces the Guide, compared to 44 last year. So will Montpellier be one of the winners to shine a little more in the gastronomic world ? Verdict in a few hours.

Five starred establishments in Montpellier

Montpellier is very well represented in the red booklet which rewards the best restaurants. Five establishments have one star. One thing is certain, none of the restaurants will lose their precious star, but everyone hopes for a second one in a few hours…

– Le Jardin des Sens, by Jacques and Laurent Pourcel, located place de la Canourgue.

– Le Nouveau Leclere, by Guillaume Leclere, located rue André-Michel.

– Reflet d'Obione, by Laurent Cherci, located rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau. 

– La Réserve Rimbaud, by Charles Fontès, located on avenue de Saint-Maur.

– Le Pastis, by Daniel Lutrand, located rue Terral.

New stars ?

The Michelin Guide specifies that 52 restaurants will be able to display their first star (compared to 39 in 2023), and inspectors reported that 23 award-winning restaurants had opened during the year. So Montpellier could see the birth of a new star. 

Verdict this Monday March 18 from 4:30 p.m.

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