Millau: Pauline Paulet, “single mom” and soon to be a volunteer white coat graduate from IFSI

Millau: Pauline Paulet, “single mom” and soon to be a volunteer white coat graduate from IFSI

Millau: Pauline Paulet, “single mom” and soon to be a volunteer white coat graduate from IFSI

Pauline Paulet avait “envie depuis longtemps du prendre soin”. D.R

Deuxième volet de la série de Midi Libre qui a choisi d’évoquer des parcours de futurs soignants en formation à l’IFSI (Institut de formation en soins infirmiers et d’aide-soignant) de Millau.

Executive assistant and mother of 3 children, what could have pushed Pauline Paulet to engage in nursing training at the age of 38 ? Native of Millau without n’ having never lived there, the one who grew up in Marseille married a gendarme, the father of her 3 boys

. With experience in several social and medico-social establishments for around 10 years then in a shopping center, she followed her husband to Guyana where the idea of ​​a change of profession was born. "I’I had wanted to do something else for a long time, to be on the other side, on the side of taking care ", she explains in reference to these 10 years. She then tried the entrance exam for IFSI (Nursing Training Institute) there despite the large number of candidates and found herself on the waiting list.

Three attempts to pass the entrance exam

When the family returned to Nantes in 2018, Pauline Paulet took turns in positions that did not suit her in a context that required her to "do figure". She reattempted the competition in 2020 then in 2021 via ParcoursPro (the alternative to ParcourSup when you have more than 3 years of professional experience) and, having settled with her family in La Cavalerie where her husband was transferred in 2019, she chose the IFSI in Millau.

Everything could have been simple but he had initiated a transfer request to Guadeloupe, before knowing that his wife's training project was coming to fruition (transfer requests are made at least 1 year in advance), and he obtained it to the great surprise of the family. By mutual agreement, the gentleman still went to Guadeloupe with their eldest son while Pauline Paulet joined the IFSI as "single mom"< /em> with her two younger children.

“The most rewarding year”

Involved within the IFSI during the open days each year, Pink October, the 100 km of Millau and even during the move of residents to the EHPAD Les Terrasses des Causses, Pauline Paulet has gave real meaning to his presence here. While she admits that returning to school at her age was not easy, she highlights the quality of the IFSI speakers, particularly in the final year, the one she preferred: "We saw palliative care and cancers, it’s the most enriching year for me". She who wants to work in oncology lost her best friend to cancer 2 months before starting training. "This personal reason pushed me even more into this project", she confides very moved. After a year in Guadeloupe to gain some experience, the family is looking forward to 2025 either in the South of France or once again overseas. But before that, it’s time for a reunion.

"These are demanding studies. I was lucky enough to have my mother there who helped me a lot, particularly in organizing things with the children. I was pampered and supported by the staff of the IFSI in Millau: from management to the maintenance agent, including the trainers and my educational advisor who is extraordinary, all world around us, it's very individualized here, it's an incredible experience ", she confides.

A family life between Millau and Guadeloupe

Pauline could also have requested a transfer to a school in Guadeloupe but was unable to do so despite the family distance. "It may seem selfish but knowing the support I had here, I was too afraid to leave and jeopardize my training" .

For 2 and a half years, the family has lived between Millau and Guadeloupe, meeting up as a whole three times a year. "It’s hard emotionally and financially too. I'm leaving on May 4 to join them because I'm going to do my pre-professional internship there, I can't wait. Her children, aged 16, 12 and 10, are "super happy with my career change and my development. They had a great time adapting to our family situation. They know that in life if you want something, you have to work."

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