Millavois Marine Cabirou and Dylan Levesque launch their World Cup season in Scotland

Millavois Marine Cabirou and Dylan Levesque launch their World Cup season in Scotland

Marine Cabirou wants a title for this new season which is beginning. Free lunch – Maxime Cohen

This weekend, the two Millavois drivers are taking part in the first World Cup round of the season which takes place in Scotland.

The sun in Scotland and the rain on the causses. It’s quite rare to underline it, but the Millavois pilots are entitled to lenient conditions for their first World Cup round in Fort William (Scotland). "The conditions are pretty cool, it's the first time we haven't seen rain in Scotland and it shouldn't be catastrophic over the weekend", smiles Marine Cabirou. Mountain bikers discovered the new features of the Scottish track on Thursday, before giving their first pedal strokes on it this Friday. They will start again with the same format which, however, has some modifications. The qualifying round will take place this Saturday (12 p.m. for women, 12:30 p.m. for men), the semi-final at 3 p.m. for women and 3:30 p.m. for men. The final is scheduled for Sunday at 1:15 p.m. for women and 2 p.m. for men.

"I'm in great shape"

The objective of the Millavoise is clear: to build on the foundations of its end of season where it had been sparkling. She notably won in Les Gets. "I'm in great shape ! It's nice to have had a good winter of training and to start a season in good shape, is satisfied with the Millavoise from the Scott team. With the end of last season, I hope to win, but we will take the races one after the other. There are inevitably in the back of my mind the world championships which are in Andorra this season… It’s the most important race of the year, it’s the only title I miss." No need to think long to understand that the Millavoise woman wants more than ever to don the rainbow jersey, which she had won among the young people in 2015 . For the general classification, it will be necessary to limit the damage in Scotland. "I'm hoping for a top 3 here, it's not a track that suits me best, it's never very obvious here",  she concedes. 

Millavois Marine Cabirou and Dylan Levesque launch their World Cup season in Scotland

Dylan Levesque does not lack ambition for this new exercise which is beginning. Free lunch – Maxime Cohen

She won't be the only one with ambition on the slopes this season. Dylan Levesque intends to continue to climb the world rankings. Last year, the Millavois, also a resident of the Scott team, finished the season in 16th place. "We're going to take the races as they come, trying to gain momentum, I've never been a champion at the start of the season I'm going to try to gain momentum,& ;nbsp;explains the pilot. The track is very physical, very rough, it hits, it wakes you up. The first day of training is over, it was physically hard, the bike is starting to be adjusted, I am ready for the qualification and the semi-final this Saturday."  

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