Milome, this new store which installs its furniture in Montpellier

Milome, this new store which installs its furniture in Montpellier

Milome, this new store which installs its furniture in Montpellier

Jean-Marie et Rémi accueillent leurs clients à Port-Marianne Midi Libre

Milome vient de s’installer le long de l’avenue Nina-Simone. Au moment ou Habitat et ou RBC est à vendre.

A new Milome furniture store has just opened in Port-Marianne in place of Bulthaup, which moved to Avenue Raymond-Dugrand. The latter is a French brand specializing in quality furniture and trendy decoration, mainly for the living room and dining room directly from manufacturers and importers.

Multi-brands on products mainly made in France or Europe: tables, chairs, sofas, lighting, decorations are offered over an exhibition area of ​​two hundred square meters. Milome is a young brand created in 2018 in the West of France, in full expansion today and currently counting more than thirty stores.

"Products accessible to all"

At the helm of this store Rémi and Jean-Marie who proudly present the concept of their brand. "Our positioning is to know what we are selling. We offer products accessible to everyone, because we go directly through our suppliers, without intermediaries, which gives much more attractive prices. Or up to – 50% difference with traditional distribution. Our purchasing center based in Rennes works with forty direct suppliers", they detail, having been based in Montpellier for eleven years. After a break in the restaurant business, where they ran the French Coffee Shop on rue Saint-Guilhem for a while, these duettists have always been in the furniture business.

Indeed, they started by doing their work at Ligne Roset in Paris for one, on Boulevard Hausmann for the second, before an experience in Canada, in Montreal, at Maison Corbeil, a contemporary furniture brand.

Bulthaup in France since 1978

Bulthaup has therefore chosen to move its new exhibition hall to avenue Raymond-Dugrand in the new buildings which have just come out of the ground, ;ocirc;té Republic. It is installedé since 2020 on Port-Marianne, avenue Nina-Simone, after having left the city center.

This move was justified in order to have greater readability. and recover more surface area and space in terms of exhibition surfaces (going from two to four exhibition models).

This German specialist in high-end cuisine was created by created in 1949 in Bavaria and settled in 1978 in France, & Colmar. It also offers architectural projects, notably doors and dressing rooms in collaboration with the Italian Rimalesio.

"A favorite for the location"

The return to furniture was important to them. "We had been thinking about opening this business for some time, we wanted to settle in Port-Marianne and we fell in love with the location, the volume and the premises itself, in an emerging neighborhood that resembles us", explains the duo.

With the opening of this furniture store, it’s finally good news for the neighborhood, which has seen the closure of Habitat, La Redoute and La in recent weeks Maison Pernoise at the Lez Market. Enough to bring a new dynamic to the neighborhood.

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