Ministries, companies… find out which sites are targeted by the cyberattack which targets certain State services

Ministries, companies... find out which sites are targeted by the cyberattack which targets certain State services

Une cyberattaque vise des nombreux site de l'Etat. UNSPLASH – MIKA BAUMEISTER

Since this Sunday, March 10, 2024, several state services have been targeted by cyberattacks. Hundreds of sites are the target of its attacks.

Cyberattacks of "unprecedented intensity". Since the end of last weekend, several state services have been the target of multiple attacks. The goal being to saturate the networks in order to "crash" the sites. Several ministries were targeted such as that&nbsp ;of Justice or even of Culture. Here are the sites concerned.

A "particular"attack

Destabilizing the State: this is one of the main objectives of cyber attackers. Although security is still compromised, its impact would be "reduced"& quot;It is particular by the number of sites affected and because more and more cybercriminal groups are joining forces to attack", indicates Clément Domingo, ethical hacker at our colleagues from West France. He explains that the people responsible are not necessarily motivated by money, but that it is rather an ideological question.

If the impact of these cyberattacks is "zero", they remain "impressive" because the targeted sites are literally on the ground for long hours, even days.

But then what are the targets ? Already around thirty sites whose URL ends with " ;, specifies West France. In this list, we find the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice, the website of the Treasury Agency (which manages the State treasury)…hellip;

But other sites are also targeted, not necessarily those of the ministries, namely:, covid screening,, ,,,,,…lists the regional daily newspaper.

200 sites

Some sites are back to normal, but others are still experiencing issues: i.e. a blank page appears. displayed when the website is opened.

In total, no fewer than 200 sites are affected. Among them, companies specializing in finance or wealth management.

Other government or cultural platforms were targeted by this cyberattack such as,,…

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