MMA: Sidnei Lisboa, on behalf of the family

MMA: Sidnei Lisboa, on behalf of the family

En 2019, une vraie et belle amitié a vu le jour entre Sidnei Lisboa et Jean-François Billon. – JEAN-PIERRE PALOMAR

Saturday March 2, Pablo-Neruda room, the GFA (Gladiator fighting arena) celebrates its tenth anniversary in Nîmes. An MMA gala that the Brazilian Sidnei Lisboa would not have missed for anything in the world. He has such a special history with this organization.

You can therefore become a solid MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter and have been a child…who had his sandwich stolen in the schoolyard. ''I grew up in a favela in São Paulo, begins the Brazilian Sidnei Lisboa, 38, starring in the ‘’fight- card’’ of the GFA (Gladiator fighting arena), Saturday evening in Nîmes (see box). At school, as I was quite small, I was attacked by others. To defend myself, my father wanted me to take up capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art). I did it from 7 to 14 years old and, after that, I did muay-thai , Chinese boxing, jiu-jitsu and Vale tudo (MMA).''

Jeff Billon: ''Sidnei loses the fight but gains a new life''

In France, Lisboa arrived there in 2011, ex-army escort in the country and enlisting in the Foreign Legion, in Aubagne, until 2016: & #39;'At the Legion, I gave MMA classes.'' Having trained in the past with Charles ‘& rsquo;do Bronx’’ Oliveira, UFC star, undoubtedly helped him. If the sporty is one thing, the sentimental is another.

''At the GFA, we always prioritize the human over the sporting'', repeats organizer Jean-François Billon. Sidnei Lisboa is the embodiment of this. ''I had my first fight at the GFA in 2016, in Générac, reports ‘’blade’’ (blade), seen at the Octagon in 2018, in Marseille. In total, I did four GFA galas (2 wins, 2 losses), including the last one, in 2019 in Nîmes. War is weighing. Afterwards, the fight in the cage is the pleasure…''
''This meeting at the GFA is just incredible, testifies, moved, Jeff Billon, outstretched hand to the Brazilian then prey to administrative problems, in 2019. Sidnei loses the fight and he gains a new life In France. Or when sporting events turn into family affairs.''

''The GFA is my home''

''I went to live in Ain for eleven months with Jeff's son-in-law and daughter-in-law, I worked as a lumberjack and pruner , continues Lisboa. It’s very strong because Jeff, with his family, did a lot for me to stay in France, always believed in me. The GFA is my home. His children call me ‘’brother. It’s more than a duty to come on Saturday to work for Jeff, for the tenth anniversary of the gala. where he resides, employed in a sawmill and volunteer firefighter. For Sidnei Lisboa, life has undoubtedly been the most challenging…

A truly special 10th anniversary in Nîmes

GALA — Ten fights (two amateurs, eight pros including one women's and a Main Event) for a gala which will celebrate its tenth anniversary in Paris. N&imes (15 editions in total). ''This will be a truly exceptional belt for us this year, notes Jeff Billon. It was the one owned by Roman Molodij, who died in three years ago in a car accident à 24 years. Roman, a gifted man of his generation.'' Sidnei Lisboa will also have to heart to shine (- 70 kg) facing à Geoffroy Puigvert (Bushisdo Avignon): ''On March 2, my son Vinicius Lisboa is 15 years old. I want to bring back victory for his birthday.'' 

Information: weigh-in this Friday at Novotel Atria à 18 hours. Saturday opening of doors à 5:30 p.m. Price: 25 € in the stands. Start of the gala at 6:30 p.m.


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