Mobilization against the Fos-Jonquières-Saint-Vincent very high voltage line project

Mobilization against the Fos-Jonquières-Saint-Vincent very high voltage line project

L'opposition au projet s'affiche dans plusieurs communes (ici à Beaucaire) du Gard et des Bouches-du-Rhône. Midi Libre – C.M.

Alors qu’aura lieu jeudi 4 avril la dernière réunion de concertation à Fos-sur-Mer, les collectivités locales, tout comme des  collectifs citoyens continuent à se mobiliser.

In Beaucaire, in Tarascon, Arles… the banners that flourish on the roundabouts display the same message! No to the 400,000 volt very high voltage overhead line project between Fos-sur-Mer and Jonquières-Saint -Vincent carried by RTE. For RTE, this line must notably make it possible to support the decarbonization movement of the industrial-port zone of Fos, install projects linked to energy transition or the development of the use of electrification for individuals (electric cars, heat pumps…)". Un project which is currently the subject of consultation with the population concerned by the two possible zones retained (one Gardois side, one Bouches-du-Rhône side). .

The first consultation meeting, in Jonquières-Saint-Vincent, where the arrival electrical station of the THTn line is located, was stormy. Citizens, farmers, tourism stakeholders… were worried about the impact of this line on their activities, the landscape, the heritage…

The municipal councils including, among others, those of Beaucaire, Fourques, Tarascon… but also the Beaucaire Terre d’Argence community of communes voted on motions declaring their opposition to this project, considering in particular that it would bring "economic and fiscal benefits to the department of Bouches-du-Rhône and the Paca region while the Gard territory would only have the nuisances and constraintss".

More than 3000 signatures on the petition launched by the town hall 

In Beaucaire, the municipality launched an online petition “which has already collected more than 3,000 signatures. But it is also essential to come and put in a word and sign the public inquiry registers available in the town halls before Friday April 5 evening. specifies the mayor of Beaucaire Julien Sanchez, who attended several meetings, including that of Arles and who will be present this Thursday in Fos.

The subject was also raised in the national assembly since the deputy for the first Gard constituency Yoann Gillet challenged the government on this subject, declaring that " Gard will not be the trash can of Fos-sur-Mer" and inviting Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher to travel to Gard "to interact with elected officials and the population".

Juan Martinez warns of mosquito control problems

The president of Beaucaire Terre d’Argence and mayor of Bellegarde, Juan Martinez alerted the presidents of the Region and Gard, as well as the Gard senators to ask them for their support. In addition to the arguments already mentioned by all the opponents (disfigured landscapes, impacts on tourism, agriculture…), Juan Martinez explains having learned that & quot;The Interdepartmental Agreement for mosquito control on the Mediterranean coast (EID Méditerranée) could probably no longer intervene if this line were to see the light of day!"

Creation of the Association for the Protection of the Earth of Argentina

An association has also been created in recent days: Asta, an association for the protection of the Land of Argentina. An association which aims to be apolitical and wishes to work " to make as many people as possible aware of the enormous negative impact that this THT would have on the territories crossed. A project which, under the pretext of decarbonization, would destroy, well beyond its influence, environment, living environment, heritage, businesses…"

"There were nearly 90 people at our first meeting, with many economic players in the area (businesses, tourism…) and many farmers. It was the Young Farmers who initiated this creation of the association " indicates Anne Collard, from Domaine des Mourgues du Grès. "At the moment, there is real dynamism in terms of takeovers of operations by young farmers. For a young farmer, a takeover or installation is the project of a lifetime in terms of financial and human investment. The RTE project would have an enormous impact on agriculture and agritourism, very present in the Beaucaire Terre d’Argence territory (like the Mas des Tourelles, the Vieux Mas, the Domaine des Clos… )."

People expected at the last meeting this Thursday, April 4 in Fos-sur-Mer

Luc Perrin, opposition municipal councilor of Beaucaire, is part of this association. He participated in several information meetings as well as a workshop with RTE in Bellegarde. "We had interesting discussions, we were able to raise concerns. We are not against the decarbonization of Fos: the objective of this new association is to ask RTE to re-consider alternative solutions that are too quickly dismissed. specifies Luc Perrin. ASTA contacted the mayors of the CCBTA to ask for their support and discuss the strategies to be put in place.

The FDSEA  or even the managers of six nature reserves have also affirmed their opposition to this project. On the Bouches-du-Rhône side, the mobilization is also strong, notably with the Agir pour la Crau collective.

The public should therefore be numerous this Thursday April 4 for the last consultation meeting in Fos-sur-Mer even if places are limited and registration is required (as for all the meetings that were organized in the territory).

The online consultation continues until Sunday April 7 at ;And until Friday April 5 on the registers at the town hall.

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