Montpellier: the start-up RailwAI uses artificial intelligence to create the “black box” of railway infrastructure

Montpellier: the start-up RailwAI uses artificial intelligence to create the “black box” of railway infrastructure

La start-up RailwAI utilise l'intelligence artificielle pour scruter les infrastructures ferroviaires. DR – DR

Created in 2021, the Montpellier start-up RailwAI uses artificial intelligence to examine railway infrastructures, and allow their owners to avoid costly maintenance.

Highly publicized for its general public aspect, artificial intelligence is also used to resolve thorny structural problems for businesses. This is the objective of the Montpellier start-up RailwAI, which compiles data from a railway infrastructure, with the aim of reducing delays, reducing maintenance, and therefore saving CO2 consumption.< /p>

"Created in 2021 by two data entrepreneurs, Jean-Michel Estibals and Thomas Muffat-Jeandet, RailwAI uses artificial intelligence to enhance and optimize the data returned by rail transport infrastructures, therefore everything that is high-speed line, intercity, urban public transport, such as the metro or tramway for example" explains Bruno Dabilly, manager of the company.

The company thus states that it wants "to ensure better infrastructure reliability so that trains can run safely on time and reduce operating costs ;maintenance, maintenance costs associated with these structures". With the aim of reducing the production of greenhouse gases from these structures, by "promoting the modal shift from road transport to infrastructure guided by rail"< /em>, an objective consistent with French and European wishes.

To build its solution, the company recovers in real time the data captured by its client on its infrastructure (sensors, catenaries…), but also external data, such as the weather, in order to improve its visibility. power its software, and will allow the client to "view the state of their assets", and &amp ;quot;make better decisions in terms of organizing the work of maintenance teams".

Promote the modal shift from transport by road to that by train

A goal that has allowed the company to win numerous competitions and obtain several awards since its creation. It is therefore one of the local winners in the latest ranking of "100 start-ups where you need to invest in 2024" from the economic magazine Challenges. At the beginning of April, the company was the winner of wave 11 of the i-Nov call for innovative projects, of the France 2030 national development plan, supported by BPI France and the ADEME on behalf of the State. The company thus won public aid in excess of a million euros.

With the aim of improving the maintenance of the current network, intended for "promote the modal shift from transport to rail, because in this case the current structures will be used much more". An objective for which it is essential to ensure "ensure that on existing infrastructure, trains will be able to run safely, and arrive on time".

The company, which is preparing to raise funds from transport manufacturers and impact funds in particular, claims to have signed several clients, and declares that it is testing its solution with development partners. We include the companies Eurotunnel, Europrts, Transdev, or the solution developed for FCG, Catalonia railways, and the local one for the Occitanie region. It wants to perfect and develop its solution, in particular by recruiting, and considers, why not, to develop in the future on the road network, a solution which the managers have already discussed with the Ministry of Transport, even if the company concentrates on the ;rsquo;moment on rail transport.

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