Montpellier western bypass: outcry from owners impacted by the route

Montpellier western bypass: outcry from owners impacted by the route

Le rond-point du Rieucoulon, particulièrement concerné par le tracé du contournement ouest. SCAM20240425G01 Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Criticized by environmental associations, the Montpellier western bypass project (COM), which is to connect the A750 to the north and the A709 to the south, is also the subject of strong criticism from owners , individuals or businesses, impacted by the footprint of the route.

The western bypass of Montpellier is not and will not be a long, quiet river. Already much criticized by environmental activists, this six-kilometer road section which must connect the A750 to the A709 between Juvignac and Montpellier via Saint-Jean-de-Védas also arouses great concern among residents. owners impacted by the route whose construction was entrusted by the State to Vinci.

"How to do without parking ?"

The records of the parcel survey – which must precisely determine the land portions concerned with a view to their transferability – thus testify to a real outcry from the local residents concerned, particularly in the part located between the Condamine roundabout, at the entrance to Saint-Jean-de-Védas and that of Rieucoulon. On this portion, individuals and companies will have to be expropriated of all or part of their land rights and, often in proportions which had not previously been determined. "We go from 50 % of my property to 80 %" is thus surprised by an owner who does not does not wish to expand further, pending a meeting with the investigating commissioner responsible for carrying out the consultation.

"The parking lots of two businesses are being taken away from us. Tell us how to do without parking for our customers ?" asks another lessor in writing. Another joked about having to come to his store "by helicopter". In the file, national companies such as Burger-King (condamine roundabout), Kiloutou also express their reservations and concerns. "We are particularly concerned given the considerable reduction in the potential of our investment" writes one of them. &amp ;quot;They are taking part of the parking lots from me. What do we do if people can no longer come? I have 11 jobs a year" indicates an independent entrepreneur located near the Rieucoulon roundabout who intends to seize & quot;lawyers and experts".

Vinci: “A reduced land footprint”

"The piecemeal investigation is not intended to call into question the project which is of public utility" explains Salvador Nunez, head of COM for Vinci, and who considers that this opposition "does not reflect what I observe in the field". He goes on to highlight the reduction in land ownership: "That put forward during the public meeting was largely revised downwards. Afterwards, of course, when we carry out projects of general interest, this takes precedence over particular interests. But once again, this is not the subject of the plot investigation".  And Salvador Nunez announced the ;rsquo;environmental survey for this fall.

No views of the road

A lawyer is also surprised that a permit to extend his client's buildings was granted in… June 2023 on a plot covered by the COM’s right of way. "It is clear that the expropriation of plots […] will make it impossible to implement legally issued urban planning authorizations" he. Several owners are surprised by the discrepancy between the areas covered by the plot survey and those of the public survey. "The hold doesn correspond" deplores one of them. On the plans presented in the three town halls concerned, no precise view of the future roads and therefore of its possible noise impact appears, "not even a drawing of the road. artist" criticizes a contributor. "To date, we do not have any information allowing us to know the impact on our property and our quality of life" writes an individual.

Litigation appeals still in progress

According to the prefect of Hérault, François-Xavier Lauch, all appeals against the current version of the Montpellier Western Bypass have been purged. The assertion surprised the Autre Com collective at the origin of a first request against the declaration of public utility (DUP) but rejected by the administrative court.

This judgment was the subject of an appeal before the Administrative Court of Appeal of Toulouse. The constituent associations of the collective have also contacted the Council of State which will have to rule on the new financing arrangements for the COM. According to the associative reading, the idea of ​​applying an additional toll at the level of the A9 motorway, for users who will not take the western bypass of Montpellier is not in conformity with the law. "The elements of language used by the prefect are quite similar to those already provided to justify the highly contested A69 motorway project, to the point of asking oneself whether he does not confuse these two projects" mockers the collective… while requesting an interview with the State representative to address the subject.

Throughout the interventions on the register, the desire to obtain the organization of a "public meeting for better understand the routes and impact of the COM". At the same time, the idea of ​​creating a collective of local residents, in an associative form, has also been put forward.

The parcel investigation must end this Thursday, May 2. The investigating commissioner will then have one month to submit his report and opinion to the prefecture.

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