More than a million job offers: when the social network X, formerly Twitter, competes with LinkedIn

More than a million job offers: when the social network X, formerly Twitter, competes with LinkedIn

Plus d'un million d'offres d'emploi ont été publiées sur X. FG Trade – Getty Images

With more than a million job offers published on its platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, is positioning itself as a major competitor to LinkedIn.

Thanks to its X Hiring functionality, the social network

The social network >

How to explain popularity

The popularity of job postings on X is not surprising. At the beginning of January, X announced that there were 750,000 job offers on the platform. 250,000 additional offers were added in a few weeks.

X's ability to connect professionals and communities of similar interests makes it an attractive platform for job postings. In fact, there is no need to have a paid X Premium subscription to be able to consult job offers, accessible to all users of the platform.

And TikTok ?

X is not the first social network to compete with LinkedIn. In 2021, TikTok also launched its own job search platform. An interesting sector for social networks given the economic perspective of such a market. At this time, it is impossible to know how many job offers have been filled thanks to X Hiring.

An "all-in-one app"

X ​​has added many features to make the social network “an all-in-one app”, such as audio and video calls, job offers and downloads of longer videos and texts.

The wishes of Elon Musk

In the long term, Elon Musk hopes that X will be able to add payments, which will facilitate the next stage of the app's development as the platform of choice for everything.

In 2022, shortly after taking over the app, Musk predicted that X would reach 600 million users by 2025 and 931 million in 2028, with annual revenues of $26.4 billion by 2028. However, X currently has around 250 million users, a figure that has not increased for over year, and currently generates less than $100 million per year from subscriptions.

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