More than a thousand people demonstrate for Rafah in the streets of Montpellier

More than a thousand people demonstrate for Rafah in the streets of Montpellier

Les manifestants rassemblés ce jeudi soir devant l’Opéra-Comédie. Midi Libre – G. T.

The rally organized in support of the population of the Palestinian town of Rafah brought together more than a thousand people. A demonstration then headed to city hall.

There were a thousand of them as of Monday evening to show their emotion and anger after the bombing of the town of Rafah perpetrated the day before in the Gaza Strip. Support for the Palestinian population was undoubtedly even more numerous this Thursday evening, informed by social networks, for what was to be a new rally in favor of a ceasefire and peace immediate.

Head to the town hall

But faced with the significant spontaneous mobilization, – the call had been launched the day before and had not been declared to the prefecture – , the decision was made to leave in a procession to the Town Hall. A very symbolic point of arrival as Michaël Delafosse's public positions on the conflict are strongly criticized by activists.

The switching off of the public lighting at the town hall on Wednesday evening, as a sign of homage to the children and civilians killed during the bombing, was considered very derisory. "We want clarity and he takes refuge in the shadows" one joked ;them. "This in no way erases the eight months of silence" assured another.

According to several participants, the deadly bombing of Rafah could constitute a turning point in the mobilization of public opinion, particularly young people, against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. & quot;All his international supporters are distancing themselves. Thanks to the mobilization of international youth, of those who have never given up."

In Montpellier, the collective intends to continue its actions, from Saturday with a demonstration organized this time from Hauts-de-Massane to the halls of La Paillade.

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