Motorcycle (Superbike): Grégory Leblanc-Mickaël Di Méglio, intense duel in the rain in Lédenon

Motorcycle (Superbike): Grégory Leblanc-Mickaël Di Méglio, intense duel in the rain in Lédenon

With Matthieu Gregorio (600cc) and Grégory Leblanc (1000cc), Ducati was at the forefront. Midi Libre – Jean Attard

Motorcycle (Superbike): Grégory Leblanc-Mickaël Di Méglio, intense duel in the rain in Lédenon

Parapluie obligatoire pour Dorian Joulin, vainqueur de la seconde manche en 300cc. Midi Libre – Jean Attard

Championnat de France de Superbike/2e manche. Sur le circuit gardois de Lédenon, Grégory Leblanc et Mickaël Di Méglio ont croisé le fer et offert un superbe spectacle en 1000cc.

Only eighth in Superbike after the opening of Le Mans, Grégory Leblanc (Ducati) took advantage of the passage on the soggy Lédenon track, Sunday April 28, to return to the forefront. The double escaped him due to a broken rear tire. Di Méglio took advantage of it. For his part, Négrier (17 years old) continued his unexpected festival in 600cc.

The revelation of a 17-year-old pilot

In 600cc, in the first race, although starting from the first row, the Gardois Matthieu Grégorio (Ducati) could not follow the pace imposed by the leaders, in this case Corentin Perolari (Honda ), David Muscat (Ducati) and the young Alexy Négrier (Yamaha), surprising in their mastery.
On the sixth lap, Grégorio moved from sixth to seventh place, Négrier returned to the lead and behind him, Muscat and Perolari began a duel which ended to the advantage of the Armagnac-Bigorre driver.< /p>

Motorcycle (Superbike): Grégory Leblanc-Mickaël Di Méglio, intense duel in the rain in Lédenon

The show was also provided by the sidecars. Midi Libre – Jean Attard

This first final allowed Négrier to consolidate his lead in the provisional ranking, Grégorio to verify that the rain is not his cup of tea and Perolari, registered with the Gard club MGB, to persuade that his place is of course the podium. Or even better.

In the second heat, Négrier took little time to regain the lead from Perolari. Fifth at the start of the race, Grégorio gradually lost weight. At the end of the nineteen laps, Négrier signed a masterful double, with more than ten seconds ahead of David Muscat and Perolari, authors of a long uncertain duel. For his part, Grégorio only took eighth place, but gained experience in the wet. Consolation.

Leblanc-Di Méglio, high-flying crossover

Let's return to the first round of the Superbike and the entry into contention of Grégory Leblanc. The manager of Grégorio's team took the handlebars of his Ducati with authority as the ex-French champion completed the first lap in the lead. He was then ahead of Alan Techer (Honda) and Jérémy Guarnoni (Yamaha), closely followed by Guillaume Pot (Yamaha).

As the laps went by, the positions changed behind Leblanc, with the strong arrival of Martin Renaudin (Honda). The sixth in the provisional classification even came within four seconds of Grégory Leblanc, but the latter hit the gas again, to avoid any danger. After the red flag, which reduced the race by two laps, he easily won ahead of Renaudin (18 seconds behind!), Mathieu Gines (Yamaha) and Alan Techer.

In the second race, the author of the best time in practice had a good start. With a very threatening Mickaël Di Méglio (Honda) behind him, he gained a slight advantage over Techer, Gines and Foray. Halfway through the race, after several attacks, Di Méglio dealt the blow and then opened up a solid gap. A gap which gave victory to the former 125cc world champion, ahead of Foray, Leblanc, Gines and Techer.

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