MP Rousset “reassured by state services” is confident about the fate of Doctor Turki

MP Rousset “reassured by state services” is confident about the fate of Doctor Turki

Le député Rousset a reçu l'intersyndicale de l'hôpital de Millau lundi 3 juin dans sa permanence. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Après l’expulsion du psychiatre millavois, le député Jean-François Rousset a tenu à réagir à"the virulence of the remarks and the accusations made" against him by the inter-union CGT-SUD. Finally reassuring as to the fate of the doctor and the renewal of his right to stay.

Pointed out by some of the Millavois unions and health personnel following the expulsion of Doctor Turki on Friday May 31, MP Jean-François Rousset wanted to react to "the virulence of the remarks and the accusations" brought against him by the CGT-SUD inter-union of the Millau hospitalReassuring about the fate of the doctor and the renewal of his right to stay.

"Mr Turki arrived in France in 2022 as a student-intern and obtained a temporary residence permit valid until 31’ ;nbsp;May 2024. For obvious reasons, the extension of his authorization to practice requires that he validates so-called medical knowledge validation tests (EVC). This is essential in relation to the responsibility that the profession bears towards patients and the Millau Hospital. However, due to lack of a complete file including his specialty diploma in psychiatry, the specialty he wishes to practice, his registration for EVC 2023 could not be validated, begins by contextualizing the parliamentarian whose involvement in the matter was considered very insufficient by the unions.

"Everyone is mobilized to help Mr. Turki"

He who the day after the expulsion of the doctor had received a union delegation at his Millavoise office continues. "After two years of practice as a student-trainee, without validation of the EVC, his authorization to practice was not renewed and, consequently, the services of the Prefecture were not approved. therefore did not extend his right to stay. In this context, I called on the ARS and the Ministry of the Interior to speed up the processing of his file. To date, we are awaiting the registration of Mr. Turki for the EVC 2024 for which registrations opened on Thursday, June 6."

Jean-François Rousset finally reassuring as to the outcome. "Once his registration has been validated, the State services have confirmed to me that they will renew his right to stay. The file is monitored by the staff of the Hospital Center, the ARS and the services of the Prefecture, all are mobilized to help Mr. Turki with the preparation of his file and to speed up his return to Millau."< /em>

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