Municipal candidate Gérome Bouvier promises strong measures if he is elected mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit

Municipal candidate Gérome Bouvier promises strong measures if he is elected mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit

Gérome Bouvier already in the countryside here at the Saturday morning market in Pont-Saint-Esprit. FREE NOON

At 47 years old Gérome Bouvier, former civil servant at the town hall of Pont-Saint-Esprit,   married and father of three children, launches  in the big electoral bath, following in the footsteps of the mayor and outgoing candidate Claire Lapeyronie and the head of the National Rally list Emmanuel Le Pargneux.

This Saturday, strollers in the aisles of the weekly market in Pont-Saint-Esprit smell the fresh air of the morning breeze. Génome Bouvier is one of those walkers.  He shows off his moccasins  candidate in the next election. Smiling, he shakes his hands here and there. But no one really expected it. Génome Bouvier is, however, the third headliner to declare himself a candidate in the next municipal election. This former town hall official  is the candidate of the so-called list "apolitical and without label"temporarily named Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit. "We have a seasoned team in the areas of expertise necessary for the smooth running of the community and the good management of the municipality. The list is made up of personalities of civil society. "We are still waiting for the dates of the next election to be made official" indicates the candidate. And as it should be, it's at the big Saturday morning market that we come to break in the campaign arguments.

Big electoral bath

At 47 years old, this well-known and jovial figure from Landerneau Spiripontain, married and father; of three children, is also launching into the big electoral plunge, following in the footsteps of mayor and outgoing candidate Claire Lapeyronie and head of the National Rally list Emmanuel Le Pargneux. To date, the forces present can therefore be summed up in three lists, provided that other ambitions manifest themselves. Candidate Gérome Bouvier adorns himself with modesty. But faced with the electoral machines of his opponents, the native of Pont-Saint-Esprit with a Bagnolese mother does not intend to play Little Thumb. "We do not have the political dimension that Lapeyronie or Le Pargneux can put forward due to their political allegiances. But above all we are Spiripontaines who want to improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens." Gérome Bouvier highlights his knowledge of the workings of the Spiripontaine community which he left on August 1, 2023 after 25 years of good and loyal service.

"Strong measures"

What would be the flagship measure of a municipality stamped Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit? "It will be safety and cleanliness . The two issues are inseparable. Without going into detail, we are considering strong measures to mark the start of our mandate. Another subject deemed to be of major interest, health. "There is only one doctor left for 10,500 inhabitants" declares Gérome Bouvier. If the Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit list wins, the new majority will bring together municipal staff. "We will give them a clear and precise roadmap, declares the head of the list. We will establish a climate of trust with them in order to reconcile them with part of the population which sometimes makes them bear the weight of a situation for which they are not responsible".


Joined the town hall as a youth worker in 1999, Gérome Bouvier continued his studies up to the BTS level of SME – PMI management assistant. In 2003, he took the middle management exam. The internal mobility mechanism will accelerate its progress. He thus passed, often as head of different services, from finance to the cemetery, including the municipal police, town planning, civil status and the elections. Gérome Bouvier also held union responsibilities. "I defended the rights of my work colleagues to the best of my ability while reminding them of their duty when it was necessary ." His irruption into the electoral arena "is in reaction", says -il "to the situation and context" of the commune of Pont-Saint-Esprit. &quot ;What we see, we, personalities of civil society, commit us to putting an end to what many call the decline of our city."

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