“My son was in panic in the evening”: parents worried about their children denounce serious incidents at the Lavaur nursery

Recently, serious incidents have increased at the "Le Cauquinous" of Lavaur. A collective therefore decided to mobilize, particularly in the face of staff resignations and sick leave.

For almost two years, worrying situations, failures and accidents have multiplied in this establishment based on rue Albert Einstein, Cauquillous activity zone, in Lavaur.

It all started last July, during a crisis meeting, after the resignation of the nursery director and the increase in staff sick leave. That evening, the parents discovered that a baby had been taken to the emergency room following a piece of furniture hung high up that fell on him, a child forgotten and locked for more than 2 hours in a laundry room, another escaped and found by a passerby in the nursery parking lot, a child with a broken nose, repeated bites.

Worried parents

Rémi, whose son spent a few months in this structure, testifies: "My son was in panic in the evening at home, he wouldn't let go his cuddly toys. And he spent his days crying. It was traumatic." With his wife, he decided to remove his child from this structure because he is worried about his child's personal development .

While other parents have decided to leave their children with the Cauquinous. But in the famous letter addressed to Babilou, things have not really evolved despite the new management team arriving at the end of 2023. "Parents filed a complaint October after their baby was bitten all over his body, including his face, other parents tried to press charges when they found their child with two broken incisors without anyone noticing. ;quot;, writes the collective.

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