Narcobanditism, crime in the Gard, “the police are out of breath”, according to the Unsa union

Narcobanditism, crime in the Gard, “the police are out of breath”, according to the Unsa union

Unsa réclame 30 renforts de policiers dans le Gard Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Guillaume Teyssandier est le délégué départemental du syndicat Unsa police. Il revient sur les récents événements survenus à Nîmes et plus largement sur le narcobanditisme, les effectifs de policiers, le moral des équipes.

As a UNSA Police delegate, what is your analysis of the situation on delinquency and crime in Gard ?

We see that the delinquents are younger and younger and are ready to do anything to defend their territory, in certain departments they join forces with other regions to avoid losing shares market.

What is your opinion on the police force linked to this crime ?

There is a shortage of staff in certain investigation and public highway services. Staffing is insufficient because it requires time to trace all of the networks. We are talking here about work of at least one year of investigation to dismantle the sector and identify all the connections. This requires in-depth work.

The fight against the underground economy is a priority for State services, depending on the means available ?

We see a policy being put in place with operation « clear place ». Will this mission continue over time ? This requires a large number of staff, interpellation agent, editor, IT specialist and also mobilization of the entire judicial chain…

Your colleagues from other unions are asking for urgent reinforcements in the Nîmes sector, what position does your union have ?

Today the UNSA police is requesting 30 police officers as reinforcements across the entire department in the public security, judicial police, territorial intelligence sectors. But above all we ask that Nîmes be classified as a difficult sector like the city of Marseille.

"The city becomes the suburb of Marseille"


Certain police officers consider that Nîmes is becoming, in a certain way, a district of Marseille in terms of crime linked to narco-banditry, what is your view on the shootings and the murders ?

Yes, more and more, links are appearing between Marseille and Nîmes, such as the recent shooting at Chemin Bas d'Avignon on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday which left five people injured. The city becomes a suburb of Marseille. Networks are externalizing themselves to obtain new market shares. Since the beginning of the year, 26 incidents linked to drug banditry have been shared between the judicial police and Nîmes departmental security. To date, 25 individuals have been placed in pre-trial detention in connection with drug banditry.

Are the Gard police officers sufficiently equipped with equipment (heavy weapons, protection, etc.) ?
We are currently waiting for the renewal of certain protective equipment and heavy weapons.

Should special teams be created?
The GIR was created after the visit of the Minister of the Interior. It is being put in place and reinforcements should arrive in the coming months. This GIR was created with the aim of combating the laundering of dirty money but this service does not yet operate in a fully operational manner, we do not have a customs officer or tax agent, we hope that this service will be in full capacity after the Olympic Games.

Narcobanditism, crime in the Gard, “the police are out of breath”, according to the Unsa union

Guillaume Teyssandier calls for the latest generation of IT resources. Independent – BOYER Claude

How does the dismantling of the judicial police translate into concrete terms ? What are the risks according to you ?
Departmentalizing the judicial police while drug banditry is becoming national and international seems paradoxical to us and not adapted to the reality of trafficking. In fact today the suppliers are based in Morocco or Dubai and the narcotic products transit through Spain. The risk is to be less efficient in the work of investigations.

Do the police have morale??
The police are out of breath. Events have been happening non-stop since 2016 with the risk of attacks, the yellow vests, social crises, covid, the reform of the national police and to come the Olympic games, the Tour de France, the ferias, the dates anniversary of the landing of the Second World War, concerts. The police are unable to breathe.

On the morale of the police officers, for you what is the emergency in Gard, what measure should be taken immediately ?
Try to be as gentle as possible on the police officers, reward them and ensure that they have recognition for their commitment.

"Narcotrafficking : three billion profits on the national territory"


Narcobanditism, crime in the Gard, “the police are out of breath”, according to the Unsa union

“Networks are externalizing themselves to obtain new market shares.” HOCINE ROUAGDIA ARCHIVES

What would it take to effectively combat narco-banditry and drug trafficking ?

To date, drug trafficking on the national territory generates three billion in profits alone. In the future, the State must provide itself with the means, particularly in the field of international cooperation with supplier countries but also a simplification of criminal procedure, but it is also necessary to strengthen the staff who investigate but also those of Justice. Today drug traffickers operate in money laundering, in the field of cryptocurrencies but also in real estate investment programs abroad.

Access problems with encrypted messaging

Are the resources dedicated to the fight against laundering of dirty drug money up to par in Gard?
In practice, it is essential to have the latest generation computers, technicians specialized in data extraction and additional human resources, particularly for spinning mills.

We need to make progress on encrypted social networks. Delinquency evolves and works via secure messaging such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat. It is also important to consider the development and evolution of the legal apparatus.

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