National results before the gala

National results before the gala

National results before the gala

The duo Calie and Luna on the second step of the national podium. The entire titled team.

National results before the gala

National results before the gala

A titled team

The Ufolep national team championship took place in the Lyon suburbs on May 25 and 26. The FAC-GRS was represented by three teams and a duo. The delegation which had qualified in its room regionally had prepared well for this competition.

At the end of a fabulous journey in the sports complex, the Canopée de Oulins-Pierre-Bénite, the Muscatier club recorded two titles of vice-champions of France.

It was a great satisfaction that accompanied the return to the muscat-producing city. For Ludivine Domenech, the coach, it is the fruit of work: "Two vice-champion titles is not a coincidence, much less luck. The girls worked hard and deserve it. The other two teams obtained very good places. Everyone pushed themselves to compete at the national level, they can be proud, it was a magical weekend.

Upon arrival in Frontignan, the club turned its attention to the end-of-season gala.

It will take the form of two presentations, Friday 14 and Saturday June 15, from 8 p.m.

Here are the results of the teams entered. National vice-champion team for Pre Collective 1 with Abelia Masson-Galean, Mila Mathiou, Kalypso Mercien, Elisa Sinot, Clarisse Vella.

National vice-champion team for Pre Collectif 1 Duo excellence 1 with Calie Granier-Fernandes and Luna Marquet.

Preexcellence 2: 6th for Lola Baronetto, Manon Bigel, Solène Ducellier, Alesia Ilie.

Preexcellence Team 1: 12th for Paola Caruso, Lisa Fernandez, Natalia Ilie, Elicia Kabengele, Victoire Pages-Beltran.

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