Nazi tags discovered in Sète: two distinct tributes, but linked by republican values

Nazi tags discovered in Sète: two distinct tributes, but linked by republican values

More than 200 citizens, elected officials, deputies, senators, listened to the mayor's speech. Midi Libre – Kelman Marti

Nazi tags discovered in Sète: two distinct tributes, but linked by republican values

Pierre Confavreux lors de sa prise de parole. Midi Libre – Kelman Marti

Des associations et la mairie ont rendu des hommages séparés ce vendredi 3 mai au monument des Martyrs de la Résistance et de la Déportation de Rose roc sur la Corniche de Sète.

Six days after the discovery of new Nazi tags in Sète, it was time for tributes and awareness. A call for unity was in order, the town hall said. However, these are two very distinct Republican gatherings which took place this Friday, May 3. The first at around 5:15 p.m., organized by the associations of the Sète Terre d’Accueil collective (LDH, Attac, DAL, Emmaüs, CFDT, CGT, PCF, LFI…).

"We are seeing these despicable acts for the second time and we are meeting today, as in November, to pay tribute to the resistance fighters, to the dead Sétois in the camps. But also to denounce all racist and anti-Semitic acts", summarizes Pierre Confavreux of the Human Rights League, after his speech to more than a hundred citizens , including departmental councilors Véronique Calueba and Gabriel Blasco, as well as certain municipal opposition elected officials.

But why this parallel gathering ?"Partly, because the City wanted us all to be united, but it didn't even consult with us, let alone invite us to speak at its Republican rally", he says

"Let's not take this lightly"

The speech ends. Many leave. Few remain, while the elected officials from the town hall arrive at the Rose roc memorial site.

Faced with the 250 people present for this second gathering, Catherine Tarbouriech, president of the Association of deportees, internees, resistance fighters and patriots of Sète, moved, warns: "We are faced with the strong return of totalitarian ideologies. Let's not take this lightly."

The mayor, François Commeinhes, for whom his call to rally was "addressed to all citizens, including associations", follows suit and says "revolted by what is much more than a mark of imbecility" , but rather "an infamous attack".

After a speech by the prefect to a certain number of mayors from the Agglomeration and elsewhere, including that of Béziers Robert Ménard, and deputies and senators, the filing of ;rsquo;a wreath and a Marseillaise closed these emotional tributes.

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