Near Béziers, a man was issued false registration documents to drive stolen vehicles.

Near Béziers, a man was issued false registration documents to drive stolen vehicles.

Les cartes grises étaient falsifiées pour remettre en circulation des véhicules volés en France. Richard Villalon – MAXPPP

Un homme a été condamné à 10 mois de prison pour avoir mis en circulation des véhicules qu’il savait volés et pour lesquels il avait payé de fausses cartes grises.

This Monday, March 25, the Béziers court sentenced a man, residing in Adissan, for possession of false administrative documents allowing him to travel with stolen vehicles. He received a 10-month detention sentence. He will have to see with the sentence enforcement judge how he is carrying out his detention.

A plan to combat stolen vehicles

The accused was arrested by the gendarmes of the Pézenas company, who have been working for months on trafficking in stolen vehicles, and in particular, on fraud with vehicle registration certificates (card grey). The suspect owns three cars and a trailer whose origin is doubtful. Checks carried out by a specialist, it turns out that the chassis numbers of the vehicles in question (two cars and a truck) have been falsified. It will be recognized that the vehicles were purchased on "Bon coin" at more than advantageous prices leaving no room for doubt as to their origin. "I had no choice, no bank wanted to lend me money and I needed to travel to work", The man will justify himself in court. He refused to say who provided him with the registration cards, paid for 1 500 € per vehicle.

12 months detention required

"This individual was arrested, as part of a vast plan to combat vehicles put back into circulation, in France, after having been stolen& ;quot;, explains the representative of the public prosecutor. "The defendant admits the purchase of false registration cards and the concealment of the vehicles" She will require 12 months of detention and the confiscation of the vehicles.

For the defense, Me Anthony Caniez insists "There is no evidence to prove that he changed the vehicle numbers. He takes advantage of the situation by purchasing vehicles whose fraudulent origin he knows. He recognizes it. But we find more registration cards in his name than he has vehicles. His contact details were used to create other certificates. The investigation continues. We must not blame everything on him." He pleaded for a flexible prison sentence.

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