Nearly 20,000 executive recruitments are planned for 2024 by Occitanie companies

Nearly 20,000 executive recruitments are planned for 2024 by Occitanie companies

In 2024, executive employment in Occitania will maintain the dynamics observed in 2023. MAXPPP – Vincent Isore

The Association for Executive Employment (Apec) has revealed its hiring forecasts for this year.

Employment of executives is doing well in Occitania. Nearly 20,000 hires are planned this year by Occitanie companies, according to forecasts from the Association for the Employment of Executives (Apec). "While the vitality of executive employment was maintained in 2023 with more than 330,000 hires made nationally, 2024 promises to be a year of stabilization , with recruitment expected to remain at a high level, specifies the latter.

And the good health of executive employment is also felt in the regions. "In 2024, recruitments will stabilize at high level, despite the uncertain context linked to economic and geopolitical vagaries, with 19 980 executive recruitments expected" , adds APEC. Around two thirds of recruitments are expected in the services sector. The industry also represents a "strong employment pool for executives", with 18% of recruitment planned, compared to 14% at the national level.

Six out of ten recruitments are from SMEs

It even seems that the executive market is more dynamic than at the national level. Indeed, in 2023, growth in the volume of recruitment in Occitanie of 12% was recorded, whereas at the national level, the increase was only 7 ;%. If in six out of ten cases, these recruitments are made by regional SMEs, the diversity of activities and sizes of companies constitutes an asset for the region.

"The Occitanie region maintains itself at a high level thanks in particular to its strong industrial base. At the same time, recruitment difficulties remain very high. In this context, we are on the front line to facilitate more effective connections between candidates and companies, specifies Cyrille Longupée, Apec regional delegate Occitanie. She adds: "While half of the region's recruitment concerns executives with less than 5 years of experience, we are also mobilized at Apec to raise awareness among recruiters and encourage them to broaden their hiring criteria, for the benefit of senior executives for example".

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