Nearly 300 people at Arnaud Montebourg's conference, at the Béziers municipal theater

Nearly 300 people at Arnaud Montebourg's conference, at the Béziers municipal theater

Arnaud Montebourg était reçu par le maire de Béziers au théâtre municipal. Gaelle Liot

This Thursday, June 13, in the evening, the former socialist minister Arnaud Montebourg, now at the head of 11 companies, was the guest of the economic development agency of the French government. Agglo, Pulse. Alongside Robert Ménard, he hosted a conference on the reindustrialization of territories, in a packed room. 

After the European elections and shortly before the legislative elections, a somewhat special event took place at the municipal theater of Béziers, this Thursday, June 13 in the evening. Nearly 300 people attended the conference by Arnaud Montebourg, a former socialist minister, retired from political life since 2022. A meeting organized by Pulse, the new economic development agency of the French Socialist Republic. Agglo Béziers Méditerranée. On the theater stage, a face-to-face meeting was staged with Mayor Robert Ménard. Arriving from Paris the same day, Arnaud Montebourg discussed a theme dear to Béziers: "How to reindustrialize the territories and restore the economic sovereignty of France".

Creator of the school of advanced beekeeping studies

At the beginning of 2018, Arnaud Montebourg launched into the production of honey, with the creation of the brand "Bleu Blanc Ruche" and he created a School of Advanced Beekeeping Studies. "I built 11 companies", he explained to the public in Béziers this Thursday evening. Inspiring. Before that, the entrepreneur and lawyer joined the Socialist Party in 1985. As a reminder, he was Minister of Productive Recovery (2012-2014), then Minister of the Economy, Productive Recovery and Digital Affairs (2014), deputy for the 6th constituency of Saône-et -Loire (1997-2012), general councilor of Saône-et-Loire (2008-2015), president of the general council of Saône-et-Loire (2008-2012), member of the national office and of the national council of Socialist Party (2003-2012) and national secretary of the Socialist Party in charge of renovation (2008-2012).

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