New book by Marlène Schiappa: the former minister launches into “new romance”, a style popularized by “50 Shades of Grey”

New book by Marlène Schiappa: the former minister launches into "new romance", a style popularized by "50 Shades of Grey"

Le livre de Marlène Schiappa sera un roman “très fort sur les coulisses de la politique”. Florent Selvini – maxppp

L'ancienne ministre Marlène Schiappa s'apprête à signer un ouvrage de "new romance" chez Fayard. Le livre doit paraître courant mai 2024.

Less than a year after leaving the government, the former Secretary of State in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy and Life associative will publish a book of "new romance" published by Fayard, reveals Le NouvelObs.

This style, where love stories are the center of a narrative around a strong woman, was popularized by "50 Shades of Grey". 

A novel with "a female minister"

Marlène Schiappa's book will be a novel "very strong behind the scenes of politics" with "a female minister" as a heroine, quotes The Huffington Post.

Current May 2024

The former Secretary of State is already the author of numerous books. In 2010, she wrote "Dare l'love of curvy", a plea for curvy women. She also wrote erotic novels, under the pseudonym Marie Minelli such as Osez les sexfriends, Osez l'feminine orgasm, according to Wikipedia.

According to Le NouvelObs, Marlène Schiappa's book should be published in May 2024.

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