New communication campaign, good status of reservations: Gard tourism stakeholders optimistic for the season

New communication campaign, good status of reservations: Gard tourism stakeholders optimistic for the season

La directrice et la présidence de Gard tourisme Sandrine Rieutor et Pascale Fortunat-Deschamps. Midi Libre – MIKAËL ANISSET

Gard tourisme se veut optimiste pour la fréquentation de la saison touristique en cours avec de très bons chiffres en mai et un état de réservations rassurant.

After a record-breaking month of May and an increase in attendance of 36% compared to 2023 (2.2 million overnight stays), Gard tourism is showing great optimism for this tourist season. This is what emerges from the board of directors meeting which was held this Monday, May 27, in Nîmes, in the presence of players in the sector, the third economic pillar of the department after the ;agriculture and industry.

Before discussing the very beautiful weekends of Ascension and Pentecost, those which make us forget the poor record of Easter with its capricious weather, the tourist actors are income on the balance sheet for 2023, "a year marked by stability in attendance with 1.3 billion'€ turnover, 10.1 million tourists including 38% international, 28 million overnight stays, 4.4 million visitors to sites and monuments , commented Pascale Fortunat-Deschamps who chairs this tourism development agency. The mayor of Vergèze and departmental councilor announces a slight increase in overnight stays of 5% and seasonal rentals of 6%.

The Germans in the lead

In 2023, compared to the previous year which recorded very good figures, attendance for the Mediterranean destination remains stable, as does the Camargue, with a slight increase for Nîmes Pont du Gard, Provence and the Cévennes. Foreign tourists are returning more and more to the department with, in the lead, the Germans (15% of visitors), followed by the Dutch (10%), Belgians, Swiss, Spanish, British and Americans.

Among the satisfactions, the state of reservations for the high season, in July and August, is at a very satisfactory level "to be confirmed&quot ; and much more for September with a strong increase of 42% for the Cévennes and over 40% for the Mediterranean. The board of directors of Gard tourism has also implemented its strategy for this season with a communication campaign (displays on 350 urban panels, TV spots, press, digital, new magazine, map of destinations at 50,000 copies).

The ’wow  effect!"

A new communication campaign launched this month bears a common signature: "Le Gard, le Sud" to give a geographical reference to tourists. Gard tourism relied on the communications agency MGT Quidam to evoke the "wow !" effect. when you discover and enjoy the Gard destination. "We place humans at the heart of the Gard landscapes", add Sandrine Rieutor, director of Gard tourism and president& nbsp;Pascale Fortunat-Deschamps. Enough to ensure a very good 2024 vintage.

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