New digital and “modern” tickets to use the Alesian bus network

New digital and “modern” tickets to use the Alesian bus network

Christophe Rivenq, Raphaël Sauter et l’élue régionale Aurélie Génolher ont inauguré ces nouveaux dispositifs. Midi Libre – Paul Barraud

Alès Agglo a présenté ce mardi 11 juin les nouveaux modes de paiements pour les usagers de ses transports en commun.

"We are finally entering the ticketing system of the 21st century." It is with these words that the president of the Agglo, Christophe Rivenq, accompanied by Raphaël Sauter, director of Keolis Alès, which manages the Ales’y bus network , presented the new payment and subscription methods for public transport users.

Payment by smartphone

In addition to a new visual on the traditional subscription cards, the Agglo now offers the “M-Ticket”, available via the&rsquo Ales’y smartphone app. An electronic ticket that users can buy and keep directly on their cell phones (individually or in books of 10). Validation is then done by scanning a QR code when boarding the bus.

The sale of “classic” tickets, in stores or from drivers, remains open, "we are not in the ;rsquo;exclusion". It is also possible to take out or recharge a subscription online, thus avoiding a trip to the store, on the website

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