New halls of Béziers: an interested management contract which has now revealed its secrets

New halls of Béziers: an interested management contract which has now revealed its secrets

Les futures halles centrales devraient séduire Biterrois et visiteurs. NAOS – Midi Libre

Requested by opposition elected officials, this contract notably mentions the details of the remuneration of Biltoki, the Basque company which will manage the covered market in Béziers once the renovation work is completed.

The City of Béziers has signed an interested management contract with the Biltoki company, so that the latter ensures the commercial animation of the halls (half of the halls in reality) under the control of the city ​​hall. This contract did not require validation from the municipal council, it was therefore not discussed by elected officials…

At the end of 2023, while this famous contract had not yet been validated, many opposition advisors had requested more transparency on the conditions of this interested management.

425,000 € for 4 years

Document in hand, the details, particularly financial, are now known. We know that the City will pay a total of 425,000 € per year for four years. To which must be added 60,000 € for communication and events in 2024; 42,000 € in 2025, 2026 and 2027 for the same reason. The total amount therefore amounts to 1,880 M€ over 4 years. The City is also responsible for the fluids (water, electricity, etc.) and the maintenance of the common areas.

Note that Biltoki will collect the rents from the stalls but these royalties will be paid directly to the municipality, as part of their authorization to occupy the estate. They do not pass through the account of the manager. Biltoki will pay a variable rent, likely to change depending on the turnover achieved.

An incentive of 35%

The company will also re-invoice certain services to the stallholders: runners, dishes, security personnel. Another point: concerning the seminar room planned above the restaurants section (outside the shopping hall): the municipality undertakes to pay 35% profit-sharing to Biltoki on the rental of this space.

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