New mayor already on standstill, trial of the trash king, strike at Samara college: the main news in the region

New mayor already on standstill, trial of the trash king, strike at Samara college: the main news in the region

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Nouveau maire à l’arrêt

#PONT-SAINT-ESPRITThe town hall of Pont-Saint-Esprit announced this Monday in a press release that Mayor Gérome Bouvier "has been prevented since Saturday morning by a health problem". He arrived in business on April 28.

His first deputy takes over in the interim. The municipal council also recorded two resignations. That of the assistant for school affairs and youth for "personal and professional reasons". Daniel Mouchetant, former first deputy who joined the ranks of the opposition, also announced his resignation.

After the city, the Agglo

#AGDE In barely ten days, the political landscape of the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration community has been radically recomposed. Last Friday, Sébastien Frey was elected mayor by the municipal council of Agde after the resignation of Gilles d’Ettore incarcerated.

And Monday evening, it was in Bessan that the community elected officials were convened, this time to elect the new president of the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration. While the mayor of Pézenas had barely made a secret of his desire to run for president of the community, without however making it official, on Monday, at the time of the vote, Sébastien Frey was the only one on the ballot. starting line and was logically elected president.

Trial of Richard Pérez: the accused deny

#NÎMES The trial of Richard Perez, 60, Robert Allouache, 51, Hakim Mammad, 51, Jean-Baptiste Belliure, 65, and Djemel Khadir, a 43-year-old from Nîmes, who are accused of attempted murder, committed in Nîmes on February 23, 2023, opened this Monday, June 10, before the Gard Assize Court.

The Nîmes businessman, nicknamed “The King of Garbage Cans” is accused of having wanted to eliminate a rival by having use of hitmen, with the help of several repeat offenders. Robert Allouache did not appear in court. The accused denied the facts during their first questioning in the morning.

The afternoon was devoted to the personality of Richard Perez whose criminal record includes eleven mentions and prison sentences. The debates then focused on the professional career of the "king of trash cans" which began after the Nîmes floods in 1988 in the wake of the company created by his father .

After the attack in Samara, strike at Rimbaud college

#MONTPELLIER A good part of the courses were not taught this Monday at the Arthur-Rimbaud college in La Paillade. The school life and teacher teams have, according to a representative of the teachers "overwhelmingly" followed a word of advice strike order to contest the termination of a mission entrusted to a senior education advisor who came as reinforcement following the attack suffered by Samara on April 2 .

"It’is someone who has started work, until June 30. This is a change of heart from the rectorate that we do not fully understand, declares a spokesperson for the teachers. "It’was a transitional decision. There are also other establishments that have needs", specifies the rector.

Today's figure: 7.4

#NARBONNE The soldiers of the motorized platoon (PMo) of Narbonne carried out a check of a very strange tie-down on the ;A9 motorway. The vehicle, registered in Italy, was traveling towards Spain when it was intercepted.

Visibly, the driver had neglected the effect of gravity since when weighed, the whole thing showed a weight of 7.4 tonnes instead of the maximum authorized 3.5 tonnes . The vehicle was immobilized immediately. His driver had to pay 945 € fine.

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