New medical prices: soon the end of SOS Médecins home visits ?

New medical prices: soon the end of SOS Médecins home visits ?

L’association fondée en 1966 compte environ 1 300 médecins adhérents. MAXPPP – Rémy PERRIN

L’association craint que les négociations tarifaires entre l’Assurance maladie et les syndicats de médecins libéraux ne conduisent "tout droit à la fin des visites à domicile" et appelle à une revalorisation substantielle des tarifs des 1 300 docteurs adhérents.

Will the time for the end of home medical visits soon come?? This is the concern expressed by SOS Médecins, in a press release published this Friday 29th. nbsp;mars.

"Under these conditions, the home visit will not survive the summer"

The association which has around 1 300 doctors calls on "Health Insurance and the government not to degrade health care ;access to care, neglecting home visits.

Charged 36.50 euros per day, regardless of the complexity of the cases treated, home consultation is available effect has become less attractive than appointments with a general practitioner in the office, which patients pay 26.50 euros.

"Under these conditions, the home visit will not survive the summer, fears SOS doctors. Already today, home visits are greatly compromised, due to failure to find willing doctors to carry them out. Many doctors prefer fixed-point consultations, which are, let's be clear, financially two to three times more attractive.

Home visits in decline

The share of home visits has already been considerably reduced since the beginnings of SOS Médecins in 1966, when they then constituted the totality of the actions of member doctors. This reduction accelerated from 2019, and today, home visits only represent a third of their activity.

The association, present in around sixty French cities, fears being excluded from the scope of the revaluations and price increases planned as part of the negotiations with Health Insurance .

To save the supply of home visits, SOS Docteurs is asking a revaluation of procedures to the tune of 70 euros, as part of the ongoing conventional negotiations between Health Insurance and the unions of private doctors. That is twice as much as the rate currently applied during the day.

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