Neymar insults a Kylian Mbappé fan in a comment posted on Instagram before Barça-PSG

Neymar insults a Kylian Mbappé fan in a comment posted on Instagram before Barça-PSG

Neymar a publié un commentaire étonnant sous une publication qui encensait Kylian Mbappé MAXPPP

This Tuesday, April 16, a few hours before the Champions League quarter-final return leg between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar posted a very surprising message on social networks. The Brazilian star criticized a publication paying tribute to Kylian Mbappé by insulting its author.

Surprise before the Champions League match between PSG and Barça this Tuesday April 17. A few hours before the match kicked off, Neymar, a former player for both teams, published a surprising comment under a publication that praised his former teammate Kylian Mbappé. &amp ;quot;S*ce-boules", wrote in Portuguese the striker now playing at Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia. A comment which caused a lot of talk in Brazil and which must surely have reached Mbappé's ears.

A changing relationship between the two players

“Mbappé shows once again that he is a good man. Is he the villain of a poorly told story…hellip? The truth is that Mbappé has a competitive spirit but people confuse a man who wants to win everything with a bad guy. Let me know what you think ?” was written in the caption of the original publication. Which provoked the scathing response from the Brazilian.

The relationship between the two players has never been perfect. At the start of the season, the Frenchman explained: “We have always had a relationship like that, based on respect, but sometimes with colder and warmer moments. This is the nature of our relationship, which is like this”.

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