Nice- MHSC: “We must not separate the coach and the players”, wishes Joris Chotard

Nice- MHSC: “We must not separate the coach and the players”, wishes Joris Chotard

Joris Chotard believes that it is together that the MHSC will save itself. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

For the young midfielder, Montpellier, plunged into a play-off position, must remain united when it comes time to travel to Nice, Friday March 7.

Do you have a feeling of revenge after your disillusionment in the Cup against Nice (1-4) ?

We had a poor performance. We could have done better in the Cup match. But this is not revenge. You just have to do your best to take points there and get out of the red zone.

How do you see Nice which is not much better than you in 2024 ?

We are in two different situations. We are holding on, they are still in the top five. If they are going through a bad patch, they are nevertheless a good Ligue 1 team. We must not rest on the fact that they are not well at the moment and say that things are fine be less harsh than usual. They will want to get back up and it must not be against us.

What does this roadblock job change for you ?

Not a lot of things. We know that it's a close call, there are three points between five or six teams. The ranking will change every weekend. This week, we’re the roadblocker. You should avoid being in this position as much as possible. Even if it gives a « little blow, because we are condemned, in orange in the ranking, we must avoid getting confused as much as possible.

The president spoke during the week. What was the content of his speech?

What he told us remains between us. We have the impression from the outside that we are not speaking to each other, that there is no communication. But, inside the club, we exchange. I hope that there was no need for the president's intervention to realize that we are in a very complicated situation. It's going to be a fight until the end, there are ten matches left. We will have to pick up points in each match. Even without the intervention, we were aware of the situation.

Do you have the impression that everything is done in the team and at the club to obtain maintenance ?

From the inside, we have the impression of doing our best on the pitch. It’s mentally complicated when it doesn’t work out for us. Even if we have good matches, we can't pick up points or have that bit of success. We do our best inside the club, whether between us, with the staff, above, to find solutions, and also understand how we got there. Because with the team, the squad we have, we are not supposed to end up there. We are capable of doing much better. We're trying to do our best to get out of there.

You are often present in front of the media. Is it because the situation affects you personally ?

This indeed touches me because the club must never find itself in this situation. We are capable of doing much better in all areas. Afterwards, whether it's me, because I'm asked to speak, or someone else, it's the same. It's part of the job. I will never refuse to give my point of view and express myself. But it’s not about status or anything else. I am asked, I respond.

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Is it psychologically taxing to play the role ?

A little bit because it’s our job, our club, our daily life. We don't want to find ourselves in such a situation. We have the impression that it’s not working the way we want it to. There are matches where we do things well and it doesn't work out the way we want.

Yes, mentally it’s complicated. But it is in these moments that we must show that we are stronger than that and that we are mentally ready to endure such situations.

Three different coaches have led the team over the past two years. Is this a sign that the problem comes from elsewhere, or even from the group ?

It’s a whole. There should be no difference between coach and players. We are all together. When we lose, it's all together. It's not because the coach has put this or that player, implemented a particular tactic or that a player is less good… We must not separate the coach and the players. We're all supposed to be going in the same direction.

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