Nîmes crunches Vendargues

Nîmes crunches Vendargues

Les Nîmois ont été supérieurs dans tous les domaines. mikaël anisset

Regional 1/16th day. The young Crocos were merciless against Vendargues this Saturday evening. They can still hope to move up.

nimes 25


La Bastide.

Half time: 2-0.

Referee: M. Boutaleb.

Goals for Nîmes: Khalid (31st), El Hamri (43rd, 58th, 60th), De Oliveira (73rd).

Warnings in Vendargues: Bennadri (29th), Bessa (38th).

NîMES OL:Masse, Guerlesquin, Larcier, Lamgahez, Prudhomme, Hermach, Tazi Lafhal, Lemaangr, El Hamri, Khalid, Gourdon, De Oliveira, Noel.

This Saturday evening at 7 p.m. , the reserve of Nîmes Olympique, 5th received their Hérault neighbors from Vendargues before last. On the pitch there has never really been a match where the Crocs reserve dominated head and shoulders from the first to the last minute.

The Nîmes quickly distinguished themselves in the 7th minute when Tazi, well served in the middle by Guerlesquin, flew his shot into the sky of the Bastide. The first big situation will arrive around the 22nd minute when El Hamri sees his shot pushed back for a corner by the opposing goalkeeper. Only 8 minutes later, Gourdon, who entered the game after Lemaangr's injury, stood out and suffered a big foul from the Vendargues goalkeeper. The referee does not hesitate and points to the penalty spot, transformed by Khalid who will unlock the crocodile counter (1-0, 31st). We really feel that this goal liberated the young Nîmes who will double the lead 13 minutes later by their captain El Hamri who with a superb curling shot will find the small right net of Hérault (2-0, 43rd).

Ruthless Crocodiles

The second period starts again on the same basis as the first Vendargues does not go beyond the middle of the field when the youngsters of coach Adil Hermach lay a real siege on the Hérault goal, multiplying the attacks. They will pay again in the 58th minute when El Hamri will score a double then a hat-trick 2 minutes later on a beautiful strike from the penalty spot which will lodge under the bar (4-0, 60th). At the Bastide the observation is clear there is a very obvious difference in level between the two formations present on the green rectangle at the end of the afternoon.

The Reds will further accentuate this lead with the new entrant De Oliveira who with a header will push the Héraultais already in a bad way a little further.

The meeting takes place will end on this heavy but logical score. Nîmes can still believe in the rise while their evening opponents are sinking a little further towards Regional 2.

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