Nîmes Olympique: against the Chamois, the Crocos will have to be bouncing to obtain a result

Nîmes Olympique: against the Chamois, the Crocos will have to be bouncing to obtain a result

In the first leg, Patrick Burner, back as a starter, scored and Nîmes Olympique beat Quentin Bernard and Niort 1-0. Midi Libre – Mikaël Anisset

National (25th day). On the lawn of Niort, runner-up to the Audonian leader, Nîmes Olympique, which remains on a sluggish and happy success in front of Cholet (2-1), will have to raise its level and succeed in a full match so as not to make the trip empty.

Are the Crocos superstitious ? Nancy lost on Monday evening in Dijon (3-1) before beating them four days later (3-1), at the beginning of the month. Same configuration this Friday March 15 since Niort remains on a 1-0 defeat Monday in Burgundy…

"No, we're not superstitious. Each match has its truth, smiles defender Waly Diouf. But as in Lorraine, we are going to come across a vengeful team, so we are doubly warned."

The 25th day and the National ranking

This Niort-Nîmes, duel between two relegated from Ligue 2, will oppose two of the three best teams (with Martigues) of the return phase, with 14 points collected out of 21 possible. "We go looking for things, we don't wait and see, we try to be as active as possible and that succeeds for us, we provoke luck", summarizes Diouf to explain the good period experienced by his team .

Niort very solid at home but deprived of its two top scorers

The wheel has turned and the laborious success in front of the red lantern Cholet (2-1), last Friday, is striking proof. "We are happy to have taken the three points, even playing poorly, but such a performance, for a coach, is not reassuring, Frédéric Bompard makes no secret. If we do the same in Niort, a team above Nancy, a team which has not experienced a gap and relies on experienced players, which is important in National, it would surprise me if we bring back a result."

In the fight with Martigues to accompany the Red Star to the upper level, the Chamois Niortais, with their fiery attack (42 goals scored, 1st record in the Championship), are solid at home where they have not given up only 9 points (8 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss).

"They have interesting stats and we will have a lot to do", concedes the Nîmes coach, who also underlines: "Despite everything, they have already conceded six defeats… " And they will be deprived of their two fine triggers, Elphege (9 achievements) and Tormin (6), both injured.

Doukansy, Sané and Doucouré out

CHOICEA recurring knee discomfort will prevent Doukansy from holding his place. Sacko should replace him in midfield. Labonne, who had not appeared since the move to Sochaux (1-0, 17th day) where he had injured himself. to the quadriceps, and Burner will compensate for the absences of the Sbaï and Diallo, suspended. Doucour was injured; to the ischios during the last training, this Thursday, March 14. Touché &agrav; ankle, Sané is similarly forfeited. Paviot, Delpech, Laurens and Ngakoutou return to the group.
Probable team: Paradowski – Labonne, Diouf, Mendy (cap.), Burner – Mexico, Sacko, Picouleau – Camara, Mbina , Mbemba. Replacements: Paviot, Delpech, Laurens, Thoumin, Ngakoutou.

FUTURE Croc coach Fr&déric Bompard will be at the end of his contract in June. Would he like to extend ? "Why not?? I wouldn’t mind", he replied, just after having prepared ;cisé : "Beyondà From my personal case, I hope above all that the team will maintain itself."

Correct what didn't work in front of Cholet

For Diouf, "yes, there is something to be done", provided that we correct what did not work in front of Cholet – "We don& rsquo;did not defend as a unit, was not sufficiently compact – and which has been the strength of Nîmes since the start of the year. The Crocos could have done this to Nancy if they had not given up in the second half. In Niort, they will not be able to claim it if they are not, from start to finish, bounding.

Niort (2nd, 44 points) – Nîmes (10th, 30 points)  Friday March 15 at 3 p.m., at the René-Gaillard stadium. Match to follow live on midilibre.fr I subscribe to read more

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