Nîmes Olympique: at the end of the precious victory at GOAL (2-1), the scores of the Crocos

Nîmes Olympique: at the end of the precious victory at GOAL (2-1), the scores of the Crocos

Freddy Mbemba opened the scoring at GOAL, ideally launching the Nîmes. FREE MIDI – MIKAËL ANISSET ARCHIVE

Nîmes Olympique: at the end of the precious victory at GOAL (2-1), the scores of the Crocos

Marowane Khalid (n° 33) has just scored the winning goal for NO. The Crocs can let their joy burst forth. FREE MIDI – ERIC DELANZY

On the bumpy lawn of Chasselay, Nîmes followed up with a third victory in a row (2-1) which almost ensures its continuation in the National. Phew…

Paradowski (6): Watchful of an attempt by Rhone striker Rambaud (2nd). Surely repels a shot from Le Maitre (34th) with his fists. Always impeccable on the lob attempt, from thirty meters, from the same Le Maitre (58th). Safe in an aerial exit (76th).

Sbaï (5): lets left winger Calodat center too easily on GOAL's equalizer, signed Raspentino (1-1, 44th). For the rest, the right side did the job, disciplined defensively, even if he endangered his formation on an action a priori harmless when losing the ball (78th).

Diouf (6) : less requested than his axis friend, Mendy, he directed with gesture and with the voice of the Gard defense, not hesitating to put its world back into place. Very little worried after the break by an attack from the Rhone, it is true quite limited.

Mendy (cap. 5): he rather well controlled the very powerful Rambaud (you can't make this up), the Rhone center forward, giving him a rough, but correct duel. Like Diouf, he was very little disturbed by GOAL's offensives.

Diallo (5) : on his left side, we have already known him to be sharper, even if& rsquo;he knew how to remain vigilant and concentrated in the face of the Rhone offensives. A decent match.

Doukansy (6) : in difficulty against Red Star, Monday, the Nîmes sentinel regained volume and strength presence in the Rhône, most often imposing its athletic and physical dimension in duels.

Picouleau (4): Like many of his teammates, he suffered, especially in the second half, from the efforts made against Red Star on Monday. He sacrifices himself on a goal action by GOAL where, with his head, he diverts for a corner a powerful recovery from the left by Tanard who, it seems, was heading towards the goal of a beaten Paradowski (43rd) . Replaced by Sacko (64th).

Mexico (6): still the most active in the crocodile midfield, even if he loses a dangerous ball on the outskirts of its surface, the strike from GOAL captain Suljic passing, luckily, above Paradowski's goal (18th). His well-felt opening to Camara, behind the opposing defense, was a little too slippery, blocked by goalkeeper Philippon (22nd).

Camara (5):rather technically fair on his right wing, he tried to combine, as soon as he could, with his two teammates in attack, Mbina and Mbemba. Less visible after the break, weaned from (too) good balls to appear more dangerous. Relayed by Thoumin (56th).

Mbina (5) : the top croco scorer in the league (8 goals) has worked and worked again on the front of attack, often a little lonely. Not an easy type of match for a center forward. Replaced by Doucouré (85th).

Mbemba (5) : In the tough during the first half hour, was largely forgiven by opening the score with a low strike, entering the area, which left Philippon with no chance (0-1, 34th), his 3rd league goal of the season . Substituted by Khalid shortly after the hour mark (64th). Active and restless from the moment he entered, the former reserve player was rewarded for his efforts, sending a marvelous kick from twenty meters to clean the top corner of Philippon (1- 2, 88e).

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