Nîmes Olympique: facing the last, ban on dawdling on the way to the Crocos

Nîmes Olympique: facing the last, ban on dawdling on the way to the Crocos

Missing out on their second half in Nancy last Friday, Jonathan Mexico and the Crocos owe a revenge. MAXPPP – Cedric JACQUOT

Formose Mendy and his partners, who remain with a defeat in Nancy (3-1), have no other choice than victory against the red lantern Cholet, this Friday March 8 at the Antonins, for the count of the 24th day of National.

For two days, there has been no electricity at La Bastide, in the buildings which host the Nîmes Olympique pros. The problem should be resolved before the start of the weekend. On the pitch too, after being plunged into darkness in Nancy (3-1), in the second half, Nîmes Olympique hopes to find the light.

The 24th day of National and the ranking

"The players owe me a great revenge, make no secret of Frédéric Bompard. They missed something big in Lorraine. It was enough to let a little time pass (ASNL returned to 1 everywhere from the restart, Editor's note) and we would have won this match. But, we became enormously unstructured, that’s what made me come off my hinges."

Bompard: "Intelligence is not making the same mistake twice"

If the debriefing, supported by video, of this "non-second half", was a little longer than usual, the’ rsquo;Nîmes coach did not raise his voice. "Just because we speak loudly doesn’we say interesting things… I'm dealing with intelligent boys and intelligence, for me, is not making the same mistake twice."

Cholet returned to victory after a series of 8 defeats and 2 draws

While the Crocos lost their first match of the return phase, Cholet, trailing at the break, managed to overthrow Dijon (2-1) and return to success after one hundred and twenty days of drought (8 defeats, 2 draws). The fifth victory of the Mauges club which presents the worst defense (37 goals conceded) and attack (17 goals scored) in the National. A club that is agitated behind the scenes with the announced departure of President Benjamin Erisoglu, in place since 2014, as omnipresent as the crocodile boss Rani Assaf is transparent.

Abdoulaye Sané holder ?

Orphé Mbina, the best goleador (5 achievements), did not score; only 2 goals in the last seventeen days. Even if he had "an interesting week in defensive investment and finishing", says Bompard, the latter could give him a chance. Férer San&eac;, recruit of the winter transfer window, at kick-off. The 31-year-old Senegalese striker has made two short appearances since his arrival, 19 minutes ahead of Villefranche (1 goal) and 12 minutes behind Villefranche (1 goal). Nancy. Fr&déric Bompard: 'He could start but he doesn't have 95 minutes in his legs. I haven't made my decision yet."

Probable team: Paradowski – Sbaï (or Burner), Diouf, Mendy (cap.), Diallo – Mexico, Doukansy, Picouleau – Camara, Sané or Mbina, Mbemba. 
Substitutes (to choose from): Cozzella (l.), Burner, Delpech, Sacko, Doucouré, Mbina, Thoumin.
Absent : Sy (hamstrings), Dias (reathletics), Ondoa (l.), Ngakoutou, Wade, Paviot, Labonne,  Laurens (choice).

Without fear but with humility

"I believe that we have no right to make mistakes", says Frédéric Bompard, who does not fear that the’ rsquo;history repeats itself. On November 3, his team lost 3-1 at the Antonins against Épinal, then last in the championship, and followed up with five other defeats…

"Some time has passed since then. We no longer play the same way. Our team has changed its face and physiognomy,” sweeps away the Nîmes technician, who says: “I’m not afraid of this match. But Cholet is an opponent to respect. We must remain humble, it is not because he is last that it will be an easy meeting. For us, each one is a fight, we are given nothing. Everything we obtained, we went to get it and it will be the same for everything we obtain again. It is up to us, therefore, to put together the necessary ingredients to win and avoid falling into the trap."

Regain a minimum of 11 points over the next six days

With 11 points taken out of 18 possible in the first six matches of the return phase, Nîmes has left the relegation zone. "It’s good but it could have been better, believes Frédéric Bompard. You have to be ambitious, never be satisfied with the minimum and always look at what is happening higher."

Nevertheless, if they duplicated this route to the end, the Crocs would certainly validate their maintenance. Facing Cholet, therefore, it is forbidden to loiter en route.

Nîmes (12th, 27 points) hosts Cholet (18th, 17 points) this Friday March 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Antonins stadium. I subscribe to read more

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