Nîmes Olympique: hurt yourself even more to return to success in Orléans

Nîmes Olympique: hurt yourself even more to return to success in Orléans

Silent last Friday against Versailles, Freddy Mbemba and the Crocos will not get through this if they do not demonstrate more offensive efficiency. Midi Libre – Mikaël Anisset

To stay in the race to maintain, the Crocos, who remain in five matches without a victory (3 defeats, 2 draws), must win in Orléans, Friday April 19, on behalf of the 30th day of National.

Adil Hermach, who has "the’hope that three victories could be enough" to maintain himself, spoke, Thursday, April 18 at a press conference, "the magic of football" to give the impression of an awakening of his team which has only won one match in the last eight days (4 defeats, 3 draws).

"There are series that sometimes come out of nowhere", convinced the successor of Frédéric Bompard, who has been looking, since taking office, for eleven days, to "bring back positive waves and energies, which is harder than setting up an activity during training".

The 30th day of National and the ranking

"Playing again like big kids"

The former coach of the crocodile reserve, who knows that "things are very easy to say", also spoke of the magic of childhood, asking his boys to " play again like big children, trying to disconnect the issue from the game. "We don't lack talent but madness", he clarified, in reference to the lost match last Friday at the Antonins in front of Versailles (0-1).

In the construction, appreciated Hermach, Nîmes "did not appear feverish with the ball and produced coherent things". But as too often this season, the crocodile team did not manage to "transform situations into real opportunities".

Nîmes Olympique: hurt yourself even more to return to success in Orléans

Twelve confrontations, two of which concern Nîmes, will pit the bottom nine against each other between now and the end of the season. Midi Libre – Antoine Llop

Lack of spontaneity in attack

The problem is recurring: Nîmes, which only has the 17th attack in the Championship (28 goals), does not score. "We can't do it if we don't shoot, pointed out the Gard technician. Today, we no longer have time to look for the ideal position to score. We have to finish the actions! We lack spontaneity for that."

This week, in training, sometimes in a playful way, the Crocos thus “hit a little more on goal” and even if the success rate was not maximum, far from it, Adil Hermach noted that "some had regained confidence. We pressed on the last thirty meters and we will try to bring more people into the opposing area.

Abdallah Lemaangr, first professional call-up

After launching the in the large bath of the National, facing à Versailles, Lamgahez and Khalid, both confirmed in the group, Adil Hermach summoned a new element of the reserve: midfielder Abdallah Lemaangr, 25 years old, arrived last July from the Beaucairois stadium (N3). The croc trainer took him away. 17 players. Suspended last Friday, Captain Mendy is still missing à the call (knee). Doukansy, who missed the last two matches &agrav; due to a sore knee, and Sacko, whose last appearance in a match dates back to the trip to Barcelona. Niort (3-2, 25th day), are making their return. Sy, Delpech and Ondoa, who were on the scoresheet against Versailles, were not retained.

Probable team: Paradowski – Sbaï, Diouf, Lamgahez, Diallo – Mexico, Picouleau (cap.), I. Sacko (or Doukansy) – I. Camara, Mbina, Mbemba.
Substitutes (to choose): Cozzella (l.), Doukansy, Khalid, Lemaangr, Thoumin, Doucour.

CARDONS. Warned last Friday in front of Versailles, Mbemba and Mbina both found themselves under the threat of a 3rd card, synonymous with automatic suspension. These are the only Crocs in this case.

To his group which "became aware, individually and collectively, of the situation and mobilized", Adil Hermach, to succeed in reversing the trend, asked to "to pass a milestone", to "get hurt even more". And to explain: "Support is also played out with the grinta. It’s the character that will make the difference."

Nîmes Olympique: hurt yourself even more to return to success in Orléans

.Arriving in Nîmes last July, from Beaucaire (N3), reserve midfielder Abdallah Lemaangr was called up to the pro group for the trip to Orléans. Aged 25, he trained at SCO Angers. Also passing through Saint-Leu and the Valenciennes reserve, he had experience abroad, at Apollon Larisas, a Greek Super League 2 club. Midi Libre – Thierry Albenque

Orléans in doubt but much closer to maintaining it

On their way, Friday evening, the Crocos will find a team from Orléans which has already beaten them twice this season (2-3 at the Antonins in the first leg and 2-1 in 32nd final of the Coupe de France). A team which is also going through a period of doubt, showing the same course over the last eight days.

L’USO, which recently parted ways with its best attacker, Kevin Fortuné (7 goals, 4 assists), for disciplinary reasons, still has 6 points from ;advances on the Crocos who, for their part, no longer have too many calculations to make if they want the magic of football to work…

Nîmes Olympique (14th, 32 points) plays Orléans (10th, 38 points), at the Source stadium, Friday April 19 at 7:30 p.m. I subscribe to read more

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