Nîmes Olympique: Jonathan Mexico, the center of interest

Nîmes Olympique: Jonathan Mexico, the center of interest

Jonathan Mexique, ici en action face à Cholet, est l’un des meilleurs et des plus réguliers Crocos depuis le début de saison. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Midfielder Jonathan Mexico is the game regulator for the Crocos who welcome Marignane-Gignac this Friday March 22 to the Antonins, on behalf of the 26th day of the National.

"It’s the team’s clock." Former coach of Nîmes Olympique, Patrick Champ is in awe of the performances of Jonathan Mexico. "He brings sunshine to the game, he airs it out, like the one who today chairs the Association of former players of the crocodile club. He has presence. He is an elegant footballer to watch play, who brings a plus, technically, to the team. Since the start of the season, it’s the most regular element."

In the Championship, he just missed two matches

The most regular and one of the most used by Frédéric Bompard, just behind Mendy, Diouf and Picouleau: the Martinique international only missed two matches ( Épinal and Versailles, 12th and 13th days), due to a strain in the right calf. Arriving from Châteauroux in the off-season, Jonathan Mexico, who celebrated his 29th birthday on March 10, the day after his first goal scored against Cholet, quickly became "one of the frames " (Bompard) of Nîmes Olympique.

The 26th day of National and the ranking

At 29 years old, he has a role from veteran to player

"I feel good", simply says the box-to-box midfielder trained at Le Mans and Monaco, who is not the most expansive of the Crocos. Misleading ? "I’I have a certain image on the outside but in a group, once I know the people well, I chat with everyone, it&rsquo “There's no shyness,” he assured La Nouvelle République in May 2022. Had he not become captain when he played for Cholet??

Diouf out, Sané and Doukansy OK

Victim of a sprained ankle Niort, Diouf is forfeited for the reception at Marignane-Gignac, this Friday March 22. Diallo will also be missing. The left side Croco will serve the first of three suspension matches imposed after his expulsion in front of Cholet. "It’may be a blessing in disguise, he will have juice and freshness for the final sprint", try to be positive Fréd& ;eacute;ric Bompard who will also have to do without the services of Mbina and Ngakoutou, who left for the Gabon selection for one, and the Central African Republic for the other. On the other hand, to face Provençaux who have garneredé 13 points out of 24 since the start of the return phase, only one less than Nîmes, Sané (ankle), Doukansy (knee) and Doucouré (ischios), absent in Deux-Sèvres, are à new operational. They have been training normally since the start of the week.

In fact, Jonathan Mexico, who has more than two hundred professional matches, strives to play his role as a veteran. "Even if I am more reserved than a Formosa (Mendy) or a Waly (Diouf), he explains, I know this championship that is the National (161 matches) well and I I am therefore also here to drive the movement, supervise young people and help them stay the course when things are less good."

Pierre Mosca: "He has above average technique"

On the ground, in any case, he does not go unnoticed. "If I show up at the Antonins as a recruiter, I leave with a notebook full of this boy, assures Pierre Mosca, former coach and sports director of Nîmes Olympique. He has a very interesting volume of play. He also has peripheral vision which allows him to make the right choice at the right time. Above all, he has above-average technique and, in this area, he has authority over the group. We often look for it, it’s a sure sign."

"Jonathan, he’s a hell of a player! He is the regulator of our midfield, praises his partner Ronny Labonne. He does not deserve to be at this level, he has the qualities to play higher." It’s obvious but Mexico only has 27 matches in Ligue 2 with the Red Star and Towers.

A lack of efficiency to establish itself at the next level

If he has not imposed himself at a level that should be his, it is perhaps because of psychological and mental deficiencies, imagines Pierre Mosca. This is certainly because of a lack of efficiency in the zone of truth: 11 goals (1 with Nîmes) and 14 assists (2 this season) since the start of his career , it’s too little.

"He doesn't hit enough on goal and he must also simplify his game. He has a tendency, and he knows it, to take too many touches", points out Frédéric Bompard, who nevertheless judges it "in constant progress". "Not letting go of the ball quickly enough, that’s the small criticism that can be made of him, confirms Mosca. This harms his effectiveness but it can easily be corrected and that does not does not prevent him, in my eyes, from being the undisputed leader of the team."

Nîmes Olympique (11th, 30 points) – Marignane-Gignac (14th, 29 points) Friday March 22 at 7:30 p.m. at the Antonins stadium. I subscribe to read more

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