Nîmes Olympique: Marowane Khalid, it was not won…

Nîmes Olympique: Marowane Khalid, it was not won…

''Il ne faut pas que la pression t’empêche de jouer, ou qu’elle te fasse surjouer ou déjouer.'' MIDI LIBRE – MIKAËL ANISSET

Vendredi 10 mai, à 21 heures aux Antonins face à Sochaux, Nîmes pourra encore compter sur son attaquant formé au club, sauveur face à Goal FC, qui se révèle sur le tard.

Here is a licensed player ‘’amateur’’ who will not have shone, Sunday afternoon, on the Regional or Departmental grounds. His feat, striker Marowane Khalid accomplished it on Friday evening with pros, in National and, again, on an amateur level pitch. That of Chasselay where, against Goal FC, his goal in the 88th minute offered the victory (2-1) and the maintenance in Nîmes. &#39 ;'When we got home, Dad was waiting for us at home, we had a great weekend as a family'', the hero enjoyed it. Before, like a good ‘’amateur’’, resuming his work week…. at the Bastide.

An atypical journey

''Today, Adil Hermach (coach) trusted him to play with the National and I am very happy to see that he scores the goal which will keep us'', testifies Yannick Dumas, coach – trainer in 17/19 years at PSG and director of training at NO until June 2023, who had the player in reserve (N3). He's a boy who should have had more of a chance. Where I agree with Adil is that we have long asked the question of his positioning. He wanted to play in midfield, at all costs. I think he has other qualities to play in this left offensive position.''< /p>

Speed, foot frequency, percussion… qualities seen at a very young age. ''I started playing football at Soleil Levant – Pissevin then, from U11 to U17 Nationals(one season), I played in Nîmes, says the 25-year-old player, with an atypical career path. Afterwards, I I went to Arles for a season, where I played senior (DH), then for a year in Portugal (Villareal, D3, amateur, 2016/2017). I then played for two seasons at Paris FC (N3), before returning to Nîmes…''

Yannick Dumas, his former coach in N3: ''If you hang on, you can go out a little more late

It’s then a return to square one for the Nîmes native. ''Marowane has his own background, notes Dumas, who accepted him into his training group, in January 2023, back from six missed months in Algeria, in Tlemcen (D2), this time professional but… not paid. It's also an example for other boys to know that at some point, if you hang in there, you can come out a little later.''

Unsurprisingly, for Hermach: ''I know him perfectly, this little one, explains -he. He's a player I wasn't kind to. I told him that he had something in his feet but that he needed to take a step forward, to play adult football. He's coming of age and he can do even better than he did.''
This jewel full skylight, from twenty meters, 1st professional goal for Khalid, the amateur, is already off to a good start. Celebrated with the coach:''It’s special because I see Adil a bit like my big brother. Even if, on the field, there is no big brother, he is tough (sic).''

''Signing pro in Nîmes, for me born here, that would be great''

With good reason, given the result: ''When he put me on the field, in reserve, I sulked because I ;rsquo;was convinced that I should play in midfield. We had a lot of discussions in his office, for hours and hours. He told me to exploit my qualities 100% and he was right. There, that’s it, he convinced me. My position is on the left side, false foot.''
And its future, in Nîmes ?''I don't worry too much about that (no agent). For the moment, I am focusing on the field and we will see at the end of the season, we will discuss with Sébastien Larcier (sports director). If he offers me something and we agree, signing a professional contract in Nîmes, for me born here, that would be great. You stay at home, it would be nice for everyone.''

The last crocodile echoes

HEADERS AND REPLACEMENTÇANTS – On this Victory Day (May 8, 1945) and after three consecutive victories, the Crocos worked to improve their skills. in two groups, this Wednesday à the Bastide. Finally, a group worked on more than the other… the substitutes and not called up for Goal FC ended with a session in front of goal, during which Delpech and Lemaangr distinguished themselves. Just like Clément Masse (U19) in the cage. Guest à playing with the pros, the young reservist (another one!) Lucas Gherlesquin-Pradier, as a good right-back, has multiplied his chances. centers for offensive players. As for the current holders, they trotted on. and market around the center &agrav; 48 hours from the Sochaux reception (7:30 p.m., places at 5 euros). ''Sometimes a light session is the best workout,'' oacute; coach Adil Hermach.
FLOPS – Among the players remaining in care, two regulars, Doucouré (always in trouble with his adductors) and Sy (muscle fatigue/toothache…). Labonne didn't train either, having felt uncomfortable. again a nuisance.

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