Nîmes Olympique: Namakoro Diallo, the generous left

Nîmes Olympique: Namakoro Diallo, the generous left

Eighteen times a starter, Namakoro Diallo is the fifth player most used by Frédéric Bompard in the Championship since the start of the season. Midi Libre – MiKAëL ANISSET

The full-back Namakoro Diallo, enduring and hard-working, established himself in his left lane. The Crocos will count on his activity to disrupt Nancy, Friday March 1 (23rd day of National).

Off the field, it's discretion itself. "I’like to observe," he says. On the ground, it’s a pile. In his lane, taking advantage of a beautiful VMA, which oscillates between 19 and 21 km/h according to the tests and which allows him to be in the best group of the crocodile squad with Sbaï, Picouleau, Delpech and Laurens, he multiplies the back and forth. "It’s the way I play. I give 100%, I don't calculate my efforts, that's how I enjoy it."

Namokoro Diallo is the generous left. Asked about him, Frédéric Bompard and Sébastien Larcier both spontaneously highlighted this "big generosity"  and this side "not sparing of effort". The Crocos sporting director even says that the former Boulonnais "goes very far in terms of resilience, the fact of suffering".

He has become an indisputable starter

Coming to relaunch in Nîmes, where he signed a three-year contract, the native of Saint-Denis, who will celebrate his 28th birthday in a month, on March 29, has become an indisputable starter. He is the fifth most used player in the Championship behind Mendy, Diouf, Picouleau and Mexico. He only missed two matches in the first part of the season due to a sprained knee, and he started eighteen of the other twenty.

The Echoes of the Crocos

Fatigue. Mbemba and Diallo did not train, Wednesday 28 February ;vrier. “We just took care of them because they were feeling tired,” Bompard. Also missing à call: Sy (length), Cozzella (elbow) and Dias (reathletics).

Nancy.Train to ’à Dijon then bus, that’s it! how the Crocs will join Nancy, this Thursday, February 29. The Lorraine team, which has taken the most red cards (6), is in good shape, even if it remains on a 3-1 setback at home. Dijon: she won seven of his last nine matches (2 losses).

"I am very happy, simply notes Namakoro Diallo, described as "humble" by his trainer. I play one match after another, I find myself meeting the objectives that I had set for myself, and I am grateful to the club for having bet on me."

Speed ​​and good aggression

"Even though he went through some small periods of doubt, I am very happy with him", assures Sébastien Larcier. Same satisfaction from Frédéric Bompard who praises "his speed, which allows him to catch shots, his good aggressiveness (4 yellow cards received, Editor's note) in one-on-one and his activity in the corridor".

Three assists delivered

This constant participation in offensive movements allowed Diallo to deliver three assists (his record from last year in Boulogne, in N2, is equaled), the last having allowed Sané, Friday ahead of Villefranche Beaujolais, to ;earn the equalizer in the 90th minute. None of his partners did better, "which is not normal", underlines Frédéric Bompard, who would prefer to see Mexico or Picouleau (2 assists each) lead the way. this classification.

Progress in the quality of centers

With more technical accuracy, the record in this area of ​​the crocodile left side, who knows he must also "be better in the timing of the aerial game", would be more important. "If there is an axis of progression, it is there, in the quality of the centers delivered, points out Larcier, even if, when we have our riot of energy, we cannot always show accurate."

"I work on the centers a lot. I know that I have to apply myself more,” admits Diallo without difficulty, while estimating that “more vice and presence” in the surface would also allow Nîmes to score a little more.

"We found freshness and confidence"

He believes in maintaining it, "but he will have to hang on until the end. Before the truce, there was physical and mental fatigue. There, we found freshness and confidence, because the staff always remained positive. We know each other better, we are better able to manage strong times and weak times. In Nancy, Friday, it will be difficult but we are ready and I think there is something to do.

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