Nîmes Olympique: story of penalties and posts, fatal yellow in Mendy… the last echoes of the Crocos

Nîmes Olympique: story of penalties and posts, fatal yellow in Mendy… the last echoes of the Crocos

Abdoulaye Sané, here in action against Cholet, obtained a penalty in Dijon which he himself took and missed. Midi Libre – Mikaël Anisset

In Dijon (1-1), Friday evening, the Crocos missed a penalty, their second of the season, and again hit the woodwork.

A third fatal yellow card for Mendy

Formose Mendy had already received a yellow card against Avranches (20th day) and Cholet (24th). Warned a third time in less than three months, Friday March 29 in Dijon, Captain Croco will be automatically suspended for the Versailles reception on April 12. Note that Patrick Burner is under threat of a third card, synonymous with suspension.

50% success in performing penalties

In Dijon, Nîmes Olympique obtained its 4th penalty of the season in the Championship. Success rate in this exercise: only 50%, since after Mbina in Niort (who still scored in the second half), it was Sané who missed Friday. The two which were successful at the Antonins in front of Châteauroux (5th day) and Orléans (14th day) were achieved by Doucouré, absent in Burgundy due to injury. Without forgetting the one scored in the French Cup at Vauvert (6th round) by Mathis Picouleau, who was no longer on the field in Dijon when Mr. Roffet designated the penalty spot.

Mbina and Sané should they have taken these penalties since the fault had been committed on them ? "It’is something to think about", replied Frédéric Bompard who admitted "having had a discussion with (his) players on this subject" at the end of the meeting. To Gaston-Gérard, the Crocos also conceded a penalty, the 8th of the season in the Championship (7 were successful).

Already eleven shots returned by the posts

Picouleau and Doucouré had knocked on wood a week earlier at the Antonins ahead of Marignane-Gignac (1-1). In Dijon, the Crocos again saw a ball being returned by a post, Mbina's head crashing into the crossbar (Picouleau scored in the continuity of the action). This is the eleventh time this season that the Crocos have hit the opposing posts. The unluckiest player: Mbina, who had already experienced similar mishaps at Cholet (8th day) and in front of Épinal (12th day).

Red cards that don't benefit

Nîmes Olympique played twice in numerical superiority this season in National: 73 minutes against Villefranche aux Antonins (22nd day) and 34 minutes in Dijon (27th day) on Friday. Two situations which were not taken advantage of by the Crocos to win. Both times, it was a 1-all draw which sanctioned the debates. Facing the Rhodaniens, at 11 against 10, the Nîmes had even conceded a goal before equalizing at the very end of the match. part. Against the Burgundians, the score was already established when Ben Fredj was sent off for wiping his feet on Mendy's ankle.

The favorable quarter of an hour

In Dijon, Nîmes Olympique equalized shortly after the restart (46th). Surprising ? No, because the first quarter of an hour of the second half is the most popular for the Crocos to score. They actually scored 7 goals between the 45th and 60th minutes (5 to the Antonins, 2 away), or practically 26% of the total. Overall, the Gardois are more effective in the second period (15 goals scored) than in the first (12).

When Paviot helps out as a left back

The return of Diouf once again pushed Dagui Paviot to the substitutes' bench on Friday in Dijon. But the former Palois, as Sbaï had not been selected for this trip, had to quickly replace Labonne, victim of a crutch behind the right thigh (25th). Paviot, central defender, who moved to left back, Burner moving to the opposite side.

"It’s the first time he played in this position, what he did, it’s very good, there’ congratulated crocodile coach Frédéric Bompard at the end of the match. He defends well, he has good crossing quality with his left foot, he is good with his head. He doesn't have the automatisms of a full-back but he followed the instructions: one, I defend; two, I attack; three, I get back on track. He did things perfectly. He spread well and played high, which allowed us to use the width. I am satisfied with Dagui, he is a boy who is really progressing."

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