Nîmes Olympique: the Crocs face the Cubs to roar with pleasure

Nîmes Olympique: the Crocs face the Cubs to roar with pleasure

Doukansy et Mexique, tombeurs du champion, le Red Star, aux Antonins, doivent finir le travail contre Sochaux, ce vendredi. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

National/33e journée, vendredi 11 mai à 21 heures aux Antonins. Face aux Lionceaux, les Crocos peuvent, doivent et vont valider leur maintien.

A month ago, Nîmes Olympique changed coaches. A decision that sports director Sébastien Larcier took somewhat alone. And which may have been surprising because it occurred late in the season. We will never know if the Crocodiles would have remained with Frédéric Bompard.

What we know is that they are going to run away with Adil Hermach. We cannot imagine the Nîmes, with a six-point lead two days from the end over Villefranche and Avranches, being relegated at the end of this terrible championship with six runs.

Adil Hermach : "I don’like relying on others. I wasn't raised like that

Even if the new NO coach is wary, obviously. When we tell him that he now has a 99% chance of staying in National, Adil Hermach replies: "Yes, but the 1% scares me! As long as it is not done mathematically, there is always a fear. I’ve seen so much crazy stuff in football… starting with Lens, when I was a player. We went down to Ligue 2 in 2011 when we had a big team (Runje, Varane, Seydou Keita, Maoulida, etc.) and we were aiming for Europe. We are ahead, I prefer to be in our situation than in that of other teams, but I don't like to count on others. I wasn’t raised like that. It's up to us to wrap it all up, and make this match a party."

Indeed, the people of Nîmes, a week before the feria, seem to want to celebrate, since the best attendance of the season (3 362 spectators for the 1-0 victory against the champion, the Red Star, on 29  nbsp;April) will be beaten. We could even approach the record of the Antonins, 5 527 against Saint-Etienne in February 2023 (1-2).

The coach, always: "Our supporters, they are in my game plan"

Everyone is ready to roar with pleasure in the face of the Lion Cubs who no longer have anything to fear or hope for. And to push behind Crocs that we want to love again, Rani Assaf or not Rani Assaf.

They remain on three consecutive successes. And their coach is already measuring how far they have come: "Yes, it’s a bit unexpected to be there, recognizes Hermach. I thought that the maintenance was going to be played out in Martigues at the last minute of the last day… When I took the team, there were six matches left, we had to win three or four to save ourselves. And when I looked at the calendar, I said to myself: “Where am I going ?” But everyone, Seb Larcier, the staff, lots of people at the club, my family, helped and encouraged me. In fact, I was made to want to believe it!"

Now, "this is not the time to relax. I fear the backlash. I am counting on the support of the public to give us mental freshness, assures the young 37-year-old coach. Our supporters, they are in my game plan!" So, here we go: cha la la la la la la, go Nîmes!

Behind the scenes of the Crocos and a group of 18 for Sochaux

The group. Adil Hermach selected a group of 18 players: Paradowski, Ondoa (l.), Lamgahez, Diouf, Mendy (cap), Diallo, Sbaï, Mexico, Picouleau, Doukansy, Sacko, Lemaangr, Khalid, Thoumin, Mbina, Camara, Mbemba, Doucet.

Main absentees: Dias (l., repeat), Cozzella (l., shoulder), Burner, Labonne
(resumption), Sané, Doucouré (adductors), Ondoa (l.), Sy, Paviot, Laurens, Delpech, Wade, Ngakoutou (choice)

A year ago, already Sochaux… The last match à home last season, it’é Sochaux. On June 2, 2023, in front of 1,143 spectators, NO said goodbye   Ligue 2 by winning 3-1. Only one Gardian holder should be survived; this Friday: Sbaï.

The message from Fred Bompard, ills à words. "I am very happy for the Nîmes Olympique and all the people who support it or who live on it. I have always believed in maintaining, with or without me. It’s done. Congratulations to the players who spoke to me about their success. their gratitude by associating me with this maintenance." Coach Bompard sent usé this message. Everything is said.

Five euros. The’opération “The whole stadiumà 5 €”, launched for Red Star, is renewed. More than 3,200 tickets were sold. sold this Thursday. Purchase on https ://billetterie.nimesOlympic.fr

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