Nîmes Olympique: under the sun, exactly…

Nîmes Olympique: under the sun, exactly…

Ce mardi, l'intensité était de sortie lors de l'opposition entre titulaires et remplaçants. – MIDI LIBRE

Almost maintained in National, and three days before the officialization, Friday May 10 at 9 p.m. at the Antonins against Sochaux, the atmosphere was already lighter in the crocodile camp, this Tuesday morning at the Bastide.

''It's been a long time since I had such good nights…&# 39;' With a relaxed face, Anthony Babikian, coach of the NO goalkeepers, savors this Tuesday morning at the Bastide and four days after the crocodile success against Goal (2-1) , almost synonymous with maintenance.''We're going to do everything we can to get him, we're not going to count on anyone other than ourselves'', remains attentive coach Adil Hermach, joined in his speech by goalkeeper Paradowski: ''There is still one point to take. We have to go get him in front of our home crowd on Friday against Sochaux.''

The Nîmes remain in focus

This precious unity which, given the intensity displayed during today's session by the 21 outfield players (plus four goalkeepers) is indeed present in everyone's minds. The sun, too, had reappeared on this weekday. While in the classification, it is a big blue sky that rocks the Nîmes landscape.
Tuesday, after the usual challenges during the bullfights at the start of the session, concentration was required thereafter.''You saw, we worked on the dry cleaning, that means we stay on target'', recalled Hermach. And what pressing! Getting the ball out was not easy for the “Orange”, the substitutes.

You don't change a winning team

The usual Mbemba offensive trident – Mbina – Camara stuck to the task of the opponent's first restart. In the middle, the Doukansy inverted triangle – Picouleau – Mexico does not distort. Only, in defense, the right side Sbaï – ''I’I exceeded the mileage charges '', he laughed to explain his change to the position by… Thoumin – and Diouf, whom Lamgahez replaced at the end, were replaced. But since you don't change a winning team…

The last crocodile echoes

INFIERMERIE – This Tuesday morning, Burner, in recovery (like Labonne), ran, accompanied in his laps of the field by Doucouré (adductors sensitive).  ''It's only as a precaution that he did not participated in the session'', reassures Alexandre Duclaux. Those who remained in the infirmary were Sané (adductors), for whom the season is over, and goalkeeper Cozzella (shoulder).

U 17 – As usual, lthe goalkeepers started their warm-up on a side field, under the orders of Anthony Babikian. The usual Paradowski, Dias and Ondoa were joined by Tao Belabdi, goalkeeper for Salim Fiorentino's U17 team, recently retained in the Nationals. 


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