Notre-Dame de Paris: Sète artist Hervé di Rosa among the candidates to create the cathedral’s contemporary stained glass windows

Notre-Dame de Paris: Sète artist Hervé di Rosa among the candidates to create the cathedral’s contemporary stained glass windows

Sète artist Hervé di Rosa, candidate for the creation of new stained glass windows for Notre-Dame. Midi Libre – TIZIANA ANNESI

Daniel Buren, Hervé di Rosa, Yan Pei-Ming and Pascal Convert are among the approximately "110 applications from artist and master glassmaker duos" candidates for the design of contemporary stained glass windows for Notre-Dame de Paris, the presidency of the artistic committee responsible for selecting them announced to AFP on Saturday.

"We received approximately 110 applications for tandems between an artist and a master glassmaker as of the closing date, Friday", announced Bernard Blistène, president of this committee and honorary director of the National Museum of Modern Art, confirming information from Figaro.

Robert Combas, Laure Prouvost, Philippe Parreno, Jean-Michel Alberola, Jaume Plensa, Claire Tabouret and Barthélémy Togo are also among the artists who responded to the call for projects, according to Mr. Blistène, which "reserves the right to surprise" by also selecting "lesser known artists&quot ;.

A list of 8 finalists discussed with the President of the Republic

"A narrower list of validated applications will be decided on June 14, then, on June 26, the artistic committee will select a list of around eight finalists which will be sent to the’ Archbishop of Paris, Mgr Laurent Ulrich, who will discuss it with the President of the Republic before selecting only one winner", he specified.< /p>

Emmanuel Macron announced in December, while visiting the restoration site of the cathedral partially destroyed by a fire in 2019, that he was in favor of the installation of contemporary stained glass windows in six chapels on the south aisle from the nave (Seine side).

New stained glass windows by 2026

"The red thread chosen for the stained glass windows will be the tree of Jesse (a frequent motif in Christian art, which schematically represents the genealogical tree of Jesus, editor's note) and the speech of the prophet Isaiah" who speaks in particular of this tree, detailed Mr. Blistène.

The chapels which will house the future contemporary stained glass windows are currently adorned with 19th century stained glass windows, created by the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, which will have to be dismantled.

The new stained glass windows should not be installed in the cathedral before 2026, according to the Ministry of Culture.

A prototype for reopening on December 8

Composed of 20 people, heritage curators, artists, members of the diocese of Paris, the public establishment responsible for the reconstruction site and the Ministry of Culture, the artistic committee was responsible for designating "a winning pair" in order to present a prototype for the reopening of the cathedral, scheduled for December 8, after a titanic reconstruction project lasting five years.

Its spire has been fully visible in the capital's sky for weeks but the cathedral will not be reopened for the Paris Olympic Games, which begin on July 26. Its surroundings must subsequently be redeveloped, sector by sector, from 2025 to 2028.

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