“Now we have to finish”: Rodez on the verge of an exploit and participation in the Ligue 2 play-offs against Ajaccio

“Now we have to finish”: Rodez on the verge of an exploit and participation in the Ligue 2 play-offs against Ajaccio

Rodez et son buteur, Hountondji, à 90 minutes des play-offs. MAXPPP – Cedric MERAVILLES

L’entraîneur ruthénois Didier Santini exhorte son équipe à finir ce qu’elle a commencé lors de ce dernier match de la saison, face à Ajaccio, ce vendredi 17 mai (20 h 45).

The time has come. That of the match point, of a final volley to be adjusted to the net, for a victory and for history. This Friday (8:45 p.m.,  La Chaîne L'Equipe, Prime Video), Rodez finds himself facing himself and against Ajaccio, a moment suspended in a sold-out Paul-Lignon stadium to validate, or not, its participation in the Ligue 2 play-offs and offer itself a magical extension.

Rodez qualified for the play-offs if…

He wins against Ajaccio.
It draws against Ajaccio and, at the same time, Paris FC loses in Bastia where Caen does not beat Valenciennes by at least seven goals.
He losesagainst Ajaccio and Caen does not beat Valenciennes.

The metaphor of the tennis player, Didier Santini himself spun it, Thursday, on the eve of this last match of the “regular” season. To better remind us of the importance of this meeting, and not its purpose, overwhelming pressure. "A Grand Slam tennis player, in the last game, he says to himself: “If I win the game, I’ won the match”. And often, he loses, estimates the Aveyron coach. So, let's think about starting the match. From the first to the 90th minute, things will happen."

"If I hear one on the bench, I'll kick him out"

Second attack at home, beaten only three times in its cauldron this season, the RAF logically leaves with the favor of the forecasts against Corsicans already maintained and rarely performing far from their island. But the stakes can disrupt any machine.

Paly-offs, instructions for use

The Ligue 2 play-offs concern the teams classified in 3rd, 4th and 5th places at the end of the 38th and final day. The first match sees the 5th move to the 4th field, Tuesday May 21 (8:30 p.m., beIN Sports 1). In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, penalties determine the winner. The latter will travel to the 3rd, Friday May 24 (8:30 p.m., beIN Sports 1). The team emerging from these play-offs will face the 16th in Ligue 1 during a round-trip match, on May 30 and June 2.

So the Blood and Gold, complete for this match, "didn’t change anything"& nbsp;this week. Neither their carelessness – "They are quite stupid for some" – nor their desire not to owe anything to anyone. This Friday, there is no question of following the results of Paris FC and Caen (read elsewhere): "If I hear one on the bench, I'll kick him out&quot ;, warns Santini. Who has only one will: "We started in style, now we must finish."

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