OM – MHSC: Jean-Louis Gasset still in play

OM - MHSC: Jean-Louis Gasset still in play

Jean-Louis Gasset dived back for a four-month contract with OM MAXPPP – SPEICH Frederic

The new technician from Marseille has lived half of his professional life in Montpellier.

"Some would pay to experience that, he deserves it", s’inflames Robert Nouzaret , born in Marseille and old traveling companion of Louis Nicollin in Montpellier. And therefore from Jean-Louis Gasset.

Gasset continues in Marseille, on the courted and electric bench of OM, a journey in a balloon, started on the vacant lot of La Paillade. For four months, the duration of his contract, the Montpellier (70 years old) jubilant with an early jubilee. "Jean-Louis must not have believed it, but it’s not by chance. He is the perfect man for such a position. He has a strong personality that matches his skills. And the character to resist atmospheres like there, justifies Nouzaret.

Son of Bernard, friend of Loulou

Gasset laid the first stones of La Paillade, erected his legend around the Butte. And, it was built during the last quarter of the 20th century in Montpellier."It's part of history. He played, trained and trained there", recalls Nouzaret who goes back to the time when the art of demerde and the visions of Nicollin intertwined.

Jean-Louis is the son of Bernard, « Loulou's friend » and co-founder of the club. A father out of time, a little on the margins, on the pailladin side of Nicollin. A “Uncle gunslinger” with a cavernous voice fed to Gitanes without filter. "Bernard had a particular CV but Loulou liked these people", smiles Nouzaret. Being the son of the boss's friend is a tattooed label in a university town that frees itself from its popular roots and the airs of the marlou. "When we have the impression of being protected, we have a feeling of weakness. He's gone for that", assures Nouzaret.

Prisoner of his passion

After twenty-five years, and a first experience on the Montpellier bench (1998-November 1999), completed in the tear, Gasset switches to another life. That of assistant to Luis Fernandez (Paris SG, Espanyol Barcelona), then especially to Laurent Blanc (Bordeaux, French team, PSG).

"I only know how to do that ", he whispered, devoured and prisoner of his passion that&rsquo ;he never stops sharing. This former number 6, with low deeds, lives for the game, inventing it to promote the talent of the player he was not. That of Gravelaine, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, or Savanier whom he cherishes with his eyes.

"This coach, close to his players, is keen on tactics. He made his in-depth knowledge of the game his trademark, particularly with Laurent Blanc", says Fabien Lefèvre, one of his disciples who knew him in wards, at the training center and as assistant to Gérard Gili.

"Sometimes, I pass by Saint-Georges d’Orques to drink a coffee. He takes out a tablet and we engage in endless discussions to dissect this or that situation, sometimes almost to excess, says the former Montpellier player and trainer , today looking for a club.

To the exit ?

Gasset never strays from football, nor from Montpellier. For example, he suggested that Michel Der Zakarian take Franck Rizzetto as his deputy from 2016.
And above all, in January 2017, a few days after the death of his wife, he responded to Louis Nicollin's last call to take over from Fred Hantz, dismissed after a failure in Marseille (5-1), and to maintain it.

Two years later, after his departure from Saint-Etienne (2017-19), a contract awaits him on the desk of President Laurent Nicollin. Faced with contrary winds coming from within, he rears up and renounces a return to Montpellier, in the almost washed out image of La Paillade's past.

His final experiences as number 1, in Bordeaux and especially in Ivory Coast, where he resigned during the CAN, perhaps left him with a bitterness that he quenched in Marseille. Towards the possible exit door from a profession that he does not leave.

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