On the Island of Thau, the new shopping center has integrated the medical office but still not the mini-market

On the Island of Thau, the new shopping center has integrated the medical office but still not the mini-market

The medical office opened last week in the new commercial space on Île de Thau. His waiting room is already full. Free Midi – Patrice Espinasse

Doctors, nurses and midwives have in turn joined the new shopping center on the island of Thau. It’s imminent for the baker. For the convenience store, you will have to wait a few more months.

The new shopping center on the island of Thau is gradually taking shape. Not fast enough for many local residents and traders already there.

Because the initial deadlines were not respected. To date, the seven stores planned in the new 1 170 m2 building all had to be "filled" and function normally with the arrival of spring. This is not the case. But things are moving forward!

After the butcher's shop, the tobacco press, the pharmacy and the hairdresser, it is now the medical office which has integrated the structure. For several days, three doctors, two nurses and a midwife have been seeing patients. The waiting room is already well stocked. And the baker, with whom a lease is being signed, will join in shortly.

But an important unit, undoubtedly the most structuring of all, is still missing: the mini-market. In defense of the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT), owner of the walls, the withdrawal of a manager, who had signed for an opening taking effect… on September 1, 2023 before evaporating into nature, upset the schedule.

The convenience store hoped for at the end of 2024

He forced the ANCT to initiate legal proceedings to be able to recover the premises and its keys. On April 11, the Montpellier court granted the termination of the lease and the eviction."We requested the execution of the decision. But there is a month delay for a possible appeal. And then a designated legal representative will have to collect the keys! As long as we don't have them, we can't do anything", explains Aurélie Macadré, manager of shopping centers at ANCT.

Good news however: two new managers, including one found with the help of Blue Invest, the economic development agency, have knocked on the door. "These are locals. We are currently examining the two files with the partners. Nothing is decided", adds Aurélie Macadré.

In an ideal world, the ANCT hopes to be able to recover the keys to the premises at the beginning of the summer to finally lead to an opening towards the end of the year with the new chosen manager."We all have the same goal: that it succeeds as quickly as possible", recalls Aurélie Macadré.

On the Island of Thau, the new shopping center has integrated the medical office but still not the mini-market

Excavators went into action on April 19 to begin destroying the old mall. Free Midi – Patrice Espinasse

The demolition of the old center has started

The old shopping center of the island of Thau, neighboring the new one by a hundred meters, will soon be nothing more than a memory. The excavators actually went into action last week to carry out the work. its demolition. "There was prior asbestos removal work and we had constraints at the level electrical connections. The release of the esplanade will be effective in June", explains Mariane Lattuca Toly, project manager of the New National Urban Renewal Program (NPNRU).< /p>

A temporary arrangement will configure the public space. À Ultimately, the place will host the future Service Center, which will house a branch of City Policy, the social center and services of the Department (Maternal and Child Protection, social workers). nbsp;The start of its construction is scheduled for 2026-2027.

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