On the road or by mountain bike, the interclub hike was full

On the road or by mountain bike, the interclub hike was full

La randonnée interclubs a été une réussite. DR

On the road or by mountain bike, the interclub hike was full

Sur route ou à VTT, la randonnée interclubs a fait le plein

Ce samedi 13 avril, s’est tenue la randonnée interclubs du comité départemental du cyclotourisme de Lozère. Organisé par le cyclo-club mendois, elle a réuni tous les clubs de Lozère.

Fifty cycle tourists set off in small groups accompanied by road captains. Canceled in 2023 due to bad weather, this year, all the elements were favorable: absence of wind and blue sky with summer temperature worthy of a month of July.

On the roads of Margeride

Two Road circuits of 81 km and 71 km offered magnificent landscapes in Margeride. The participants crossed small villages and hamlets rich in natural heritage: Lachamp-Ribennes, Saint-Sauveur-de-Peyre with the Roc de Peyre in their sights, Aubigeyres and Javols. Once arrived at Serverette, some made a short stop at the fountain, while others opted for a long break at the café to quench their thirst.

Two options presented themselves Next. The most daring continued towards Saint-Denis-en-Margeride. They could thus enjoy, from Crouzet, the magnificent spectacle offered by the Mézère, swollen by the rains, before returning via Laubies, Saint-Amans and Chastel-Nouvel. The wisest ones returned directly via the departmental road to reach Saint-Amans then Chastel-Nouvel.

On arrival, the president of the departmental cycle tourism committee and his caring team offered a well-deserved snack to all those registered, including twelve mountain bikers, who took a route specially designed for the occasion.

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